Grey’s Anatomy 10.08 Review: “Two Against One”

Grey’s Anatomy 10.08 Review: “Two Against One”


What is wrong with Bailey!? I swear if they give her Alzheimer’s like everyone else who has died on Grey’s Anatomy, I’m going to use a lot of world count towards not being happy about that. She starts off completely awkward and she makes a back handed insult towards him going back to his old job. She’s disappointed in him for quitting med school, and I was never sure why she even married him anyway.  After a fight, we see Bailey sitting on a bed, her whole hands shaking. Her surgery’s had been blurry and weird and now her hands are shacking. I’m not ok!

3D printing is the coolest new thing in the tech world and what it can do blows my mind and confuses me all at once. Meredith is using it to make different valves, and trying to figure out how to use the patient’s own DNA so rejection is not an issue. It’s all very cool work and I’m sure there is some real world truth in their somewhere. Meredith makes a big deal about it but then announcing she was printing something she disappoints them all by making a fork. I don’t know what the fork bone is connected to. Next will be a liver, which is weird but only because it’s made in layers. Christina has a patient that needs some sort of part implanted in a baby, and while valves have ever been tested, apparently printing out this one little special shunt will work. It made no sense to me but I’m not a doctor. The point of it was to make the gap between Christina and Meredith even wider.

April and Matthew spend the whole episodes talking about how they won’t, then will, then won’t have sex because that’s the rules.

We see Arizona take off Callie’s necklace making a HUGE step in moving on, though a big part of that might be that Leah is in her shower. Later she makes another step by telling April that moved on with Leah and the sex is awesome. Which his weird since we haven’t even seen them kiss yet. Just hints.

Callie interviews Emma for a job at the hospital. She spends most of the interview asking inappropriate questions in order to see what the deal would be if Emma and Owen’s relationship went further. She is offered the job but declines it because the hospital is full of Owen’s people and doesn’t want to be the odd man out if the relationship goes south.

Webber finally gets his groove back and has to save a patient who is walking around because apparently a hospital floor has no other people watching for people who are prone to fall due to weakness. But hopefully this will get him back to his old self and finally getting back his will to live.

Mostly, I’m worried about Bailey. This is the first episode that’s really let me down. Even Arizona taking that step to let Callie go didn’t hit me where it hurts…too much. Next week’s episode looks like it will stir things up even more.

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