“Gold Rush” Cast Members are Shot at in Season 8 Clip

Fans of the reality series “Gold Rush” who have been following the series understand that the job is filled with dangers around every turn. The life of a gold miner is not for the faint of heart, but the rewards can pay off big if you know what you’re doing. The next episode shows us that danger can come in unexpected forms and it can strike out of the blue, as it does in a situation that the Hoffman team is unprepared to deal with. “Blizzards and Bullets” brings viewers an entirely new perspective on the importance of relationships within the community and how one bad apple can upset the delicate balance shared by friends and neighbors. Even being a good samaritan can be life threatening.

Disgruntled resident fires shots at Hoffman team

Todd Hoffman and his crew are hard at work at their dig near Fairplay, Colorado when one of the crew gets his car stuck on the way to the mine. Pierce and a few others were on their way to lend assistance when an angry man hailed them over. The scene exploded quickly and escalated into a life threatening situation as the angry man who lives nearby fired a few rounds at them. The men were simply going to help their friend get his car out when the incident took place.

Proof that the show is unscripted

As the cast return to the mine and share their story, everyone is rushed away from the scene including cast and producers of the show. This shows that the popular series is far from being staged. There is no way to predict what is going to happen as production rolls forward on the already popular show. This episode follows the premiere which drew a crowd to the Discovery network last Friday that seriesly raised the ratings. The latest episode will add another element of entertainment to the show that was definitely unforeseen and unplanned. Since we’ve become familiar with the cast and their stories, the show is exciting to watch and we’re rooting for our favorite teams to find success in their endeavors.

One more reason you should tune in to “Gold Rush”

If you havent’ been watching for a while, you’re missing out on a lot of excitement and you never know what is going to happen. The show has moved up in ratings and is now among the top rated non sports shows on cable. It comes in just a little behind “Game of Thrones” and “The Walking Dead” which is quite a feat. The season premiere let us in on the $100,000 bet that Parker Schnabel made over who would haul in the most gold this season and Todd Hoffman is a taker on the wager. This will up the stakes considerably while making the friendly competition between the rivals even more intense. We hope that there won’t be any more incidents like the shooting, but with “Gold Rush” you never know what kind of real life drama is going to develop.

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