General Hospital: Is Nelle Getting Too Cocky?

General Hospital: Is Nelle Getting Too Cocky?

General Hospital fans don’t care what Nelle has to say right now, she’s clearly feeling really good about her life and where she’s going with things right now. She’s got a lot on her mind, and she’s working on getting her life in order the best she can. She’s not looking for more than what she’s working on at the moment, but she’s also not looking for less. She’s happy with the way things are going. She loves seeing Carly mad at her.

Each time Carly gets mad at her and confronts her about things, Nelle gets a little more confident about what she’s trying to do. She wants so badly to hurt her and her family, and this is all she needs to make that happen. She’s happy with it all, and she loves seeing that he’s having an affect on Carly and her family.

But it’s all going to her head. Nelle is neither smart nor strong enough to handle all this, and she’s getting a bit to cocky. It’s going to end up being her downfall when it comes to Carly and her family, and we predict it won’t take much longer for Carly to realize that she’s got the upper hand with this girl if she allows her to think the opposite. No one messes with Carly and Sonny and their family and gets away with it, and Nelle is out of her mind if she thinks she’s going to change that.

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