General Hospital: Can Nelle Get Nina To Leave Her Alone?

General Hospital: Can Nelle Get Nina To Leave Her Alone?

General Hospital: Can Nelle Get Nina To Leave Her Alone?

General Hospital fans are a little surprised by the relationships that Nelle is making. She’s managed to hurt most of the people in Port Charles, yet people keep wanting to spend time with her and be in her life. We are not entirely certain why they feel this way or what they are thinking as they work so hard to befriend her, but it turns out Nina is one of those people. She seems to have a feeling about wanting to make Nelle her friend, and it’s just baffling to us. Why? What will she get out of this? What is in it for her?

Nina isn’t someone people love too much, so she’s got every right to give Nelle a chance. They hate all the same people, which is why we suspect that Nina gave Nelle the job she gave her. She wants her to work with her so they’ll become friends. Is there a chance Nina is secretly impressed with Nelle and all she’s managed to do to this family, or is there a chance that she just wants to use Nelle to help her with her own situation? Nelle isn’t exactly trying to be Nina’s best friend, though. She appreciates the job she gave her, but she’s scared of Valentin. She doesn’t want to get close to this family, but she’s not really being given much choice.

Will Nelle find herself in even more trouble the more time she spends with Nina, or can she figure out something that will help her get through what’s bothering her? Can she put herself at a distance from Nina, or will she became tangled up in her own web of lies, destruction, and serious issues? There’s no telling what these two might come up with, but we have a feeling that they are not going to be able to work together with complete honesty and trust. Is this just the beginning of a bigger issue?

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