Maurice Benard: 5 Fascinating Facts About the Emmy-Winning General Hospital Star

Maurice Benard: 5 Fascinating Facts About the Emmy-Winning General Hospital Star

Maurice Benard: 5 Fascinating Facts About the Emmy-Winning General Hospital Star

General Hospital fans are buzzing with excitement as some of their favorite stars were given the chance to win Emmy Awards in 2019. Maurice Benard, one of our all-time favorite actors on the show, was honored for his outstanding role as Sonny Corinthos. He faced stiff competition in this category, including Peter Bergman, Tyler Christopher, Billy Flynn, and his own castmate, Jon Lindstrom. However, only one man could take home the award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series, and it was Maurice Benard. Let’s dive into some intriguing facts about this talented actor.

Emmy Awards: A Familiar Territory

Maurice Benard is no stranger to winning awards. He received this prestigious award back in 2003, proving his exceptional acting skills. He has been playing the role of Sonny Corinthos with dedication and passion for many years, and we appreciate the effort he puts into this character. It’s heartwarming to see him recognized once again for his remarkable talent.

A Champion for Bipolar Disorder Awareness

Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder in his 20s, Benard has spent much of his adult life working tirelessly to raise awareness about this mental health condition. He has been an advocate for understanding and education, helping many people become more informed about what it means to live with Bipolar Disorder. His advocacy work is commendable, and we can all learn from his dedication to spreading knowledge about this important issue.

A Loving Adoptive Father

Benard and his wife, Paula, have three children together and a fourth they adopted in 2008. Their adopted child is actually Paula’s sister, whom they took in after her mother passed away. This heartwarming story shows the love and compassion that Benard and his wife have for their family, and we’re sure their other three children cherished having their aunt as a sister throughout their childhood.

Fame Runs in the Family

It seems like many actors have famous relatives, and Benard is no exception. His cousin, Marvin Benard, played major league baseball for three teams: the Blue Jays, the White Sox, and the Giants. This impressive feat adds another layer of intrigue to the Benard family’s story.

A Shared Passion for Martial Arts

Maurice Benard and his character, Sonny Corinthos, have something in common: a love for martial arts and boxing. This shared interest adds depth to Benard’s portrayal of Sonny, and we’d love to see the show incorporate some of his moves into a scene. It would be interesting to see if Benard would enjoy showcasing his skills on-screen or if he prefers to keep his hobbies separate from his work. Regardless, his passion for martial arts adds another dimension to this talented actor’s life.

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