The Five Worst Eddie Murphy Movie Roles of His Career

The Five Worst Eddie Murphy Movie Roles of His Career

It might seem like typecasting but some actors really need to stick to their strengths because otherwise it seems like they get a bit lost in the translation of a film. Eddie Murphy is a funny guy that can perform drama when he’s called upon to do it but is more often than not a lot funnier in a comedic role. Anything else and he seems to crumble a bit or just try way too hard. He’s one of the funniest comedians alive and has created an entire list of movies that are enough to make people’s jaws ache from laughing so hard, and that’s why sticking to comedy is the best idea for him. But even then there have been miscues that he should have thought about before going ahead with.

Even great actors take on regrettable roles at times.

5. Norbit-Norbit

There’s only so much one nice guy can take and Norbit is that nice guy that’s forced to take as much as his bully of a wife can dish out. It’s not really that Eddie Murphy needs to appear dominant in a film, but it does take away something from his performance when he’s forced to relinquish all control. Otherwise this was just a bit too campy in many spots.

4. Vampire in Brooklyn-Maximillian

Have you ever noticed that when horror movies come to New York City they tend to lose a little something making their way in? It’s almost as though the city is somehow immune to the horror that the many creatures of the night are intent on spreading. No one seems to be as afraid in New York as they would be in a suburban or rural town.

3. Holy Man-G

There’s really no point to this film that involves Murphy. He wanders in, does his thing, and then wanders back out. The only real plot development is felt between Jeff Goldblum and Kelly Preston, and even that seems a bit hokey in a few ways. This was kind of a dud from the get go despite the fact that it was meant to be touching. Really, Eddie Murphy should have passed on this one.

2. Showtime-Trey Sellers

Cops are a bit divided on whether not their work makes for good TV. Some don’t mind the cameramen following them around while others would rather they just go film an infomercial or something else just as worthless. The movie is basically a behind the scenes version of Cops with worse acting and a lot more of the inherent craziness.

1. The Adventures of Pluto Nash-Pluto Nash

This one is just so far out that it seems like he did it on a dare. Pluto Nash is a retired smuggler that opens up a club on one of the moon colonies. In the year 2087 a mysterious buyer attempts to purchase his club but Pluto isn’t selling. Eventually he finds out that this buyer is his clone that was created from a removed appendix. I’m serious, this is really a part of the story.

Eddie Murphy is a great actor, but obviously he felt the need to stretch out in different ways a few times.

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