Five Ways the Dexter Revival Can Redeem The Worst TV Finale in History

Five Ways the Dexter Revival Can Redeem The Worst TV Finale in History

Sometimes the squeaky wheel does get the grease apparently, especially when the person controlling the vehicle the wheel is attached to happens to think it would be a good idea. Apparently it felt like a good idea to the stars and the people behind Dexter to bring up a revival that will grant the fans another chance to see their favorite blood-splatter technician once again, and perhaps see an ending that they’ll agree is something that will close out the show once and for all with a bit of dignity. The sad part about this is that the show will still end at some point, but with the hope that people will accept that it’s over at some point. There are a few things that people might want to see in terms of the show and a few stipulations that fans would love to put forth, but they’ll have to take what they get since production is slated to begin fairly soon, and the show should be coming back around fall of 2021. Are people going to accept the ending of Dexter this time around? That’s hard to say, but the best answer appears to be ‘maybe’.

Here are a few things that the show Dexter might need to do to redeem itself.

5. Fans want the original ending to be ignored and a new one created to take its place.

This isn’t bound to happen since it does sound as though making the show want to simply pick up and admit that the last season did happen and that things will move forward from that point. Fans are bound to demand an over the top solution to something when it comes to their favorite shows and movies not going the way they want, but many of them overestimate the kind of power they have over what is presented on-screen and tend to think that petitions and an outpouring of grief over how things turned out can make a difference. What they forget is that unless it affects the profits of those making the show, their words don’t mean much.

4. The continuity of the show needs to be kept up.

This is a must for any show since if the continuity isn’t kept up, or if someone suddenly says ‘oops, the main character was just dreaming’ it’s a huge slap in the face to the fans and an act that might be seen as a twist by some but is actually a massive dodge when a writer ends up writing themselves into a corner they can’t get out of. The need to keep up the continuity in a story is something that should be of the utmost importance since otherwise it becomes disjointed and makes absolutely no sense. Whether fans like it or not, the last season did happen, but now it needs to be built up in a way that the story can go on.

3. Those characters that died during the course of the show need to stay dead.

Several movies and shows have bowed to the demands of fans to bring back favorite characters in the past, and it’s been a pretty big mistake since it not only requires a lot of explanation that feels sketchy at best but also requires fans to suspend their disbelief when it comes to the circumstances in which characters died. It’s true that some characters that died might not have been wise to get rid of in retrospect, but it’s also fair to say that when someone dies in a show, it’s best to keep them dead and to make it clear that they ARE dead and aren’t coming back no matter how much people want them to.

2. Don’t worry about what the fans will think.

This might sound self-defeating, particularly for those that are trying to please the fans, but it’s still truthful since pleasing the fans all the time is simply not possible. Trying to make certain that everyone is kept happy should not be the main goal of making a show, and thankfully it usually isn’t, but in this case, the fans really need to be ignored at this point so that the show can move forward unhindered. If the fans don’t like it again near the end, that’s too bad, they asked for a different ending and they’re going to get it. Sometimes the fans tend to overestimate just how much influence they really have and forget that while their approval is desired at times, it’s not always needed.

1. Dexter still shouldn’t get a completely happy ending.

Again, this might sound as though it’s working against the show, but considering everything that Dexter has done and how his life has turned out, it doesn’t feel as though his ending should be entirely happy or satisfying since it doesn’t feel like it fits. Fans might want to disagree with this and several people probably would, but the general feeling is that something does need to happen in a very final and permanent manner.

If fans don’t like it this time around, oh well.

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