Five TV Shows You’ll Like if you Like MacGyver

Five TV Shows You’ll Like if you Like MacGyver

Five TV Shows You’ll Like if you Like MacGyver

If you enjoy watching the television show MacGyver, you might be interested to know that there are at least five other shows that are similar you could also be enjoying. Make no mistake, not all of the shows that are listed below are new (in fact, none of them are).  However, many of these older shows are enjoying a second life as they become popular with younger audiences that weren’t even alive when they originally aired. Thanks to the myriad of different ways you can watch television these days, you can catch virtually anything you want whenever you are ready to watch it, no matter how old it is. In addition, you might be able to see some of these shows on cable or satellite television.

Here are the five shows you just might be missing.

1. Airwolf

This is an old show that aired roughly around the same time as the original MacGuyver. It features one very cool helicopter that is supposed to top-secret, along with two pilots that show up out of nowhere to help people that are either considered beyond help or that have been written off by just about everyone else. While the show sometimes had a rather tame plot overall, the flight scenes enough were enough to make people tune in.

2. The A-Team

If you love MacGyver, you are going to love this one as well. This show involves a whole team of people that come up with plans that are nothing short of amazing, and they do it on a daily basis. There’s the good-looking one, the burly one and the crazy one, all led by one very smart former military Colonel that manages to keep them all working together as a cohesive unit. The point is, when they all get together in order to accomplish a goal, there is virtually nothing that can stop them.

3. Hunter

This is an old cop show, as it aired during the 1980’s. The show involved two officers, one who liked to do things his own way and one who was more determined to do things by the book. There were times that the two clashed because of this, but more often than not, they were too busy chasing bad guys to have time to think about it. There was plenty of improvisation when things weren’t going according to plan, and the show itself had no shortage of action that made these types of shows so popular in the first place.

4. Magnum, P.I.

This show is similar to MacGuyver in the sense that it involves a person who often finds himself in some fairly deep trouble that he must then be resourceful enough to get out of. Magnum is a Private Investigator, and by the very nature of his job, there are many times that he ends up in hot water. Have the fun of watching the show is watching him find various ways to get himself out of these tight situations, sometimes with the help of friends and sometimes on his own.

5. MacGyver (The Original TV Series)

If you like the reboot of the show, you really should give the original a try. People keep trying to do the same things over and over, rebooting something that was popular twenty or thirty years ago. The truth is, few things can ever compare to the original, regardless of the subject matter.

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