Five Things You Should Know about Studio Ponoc

Five Things You Should Know about Studio Ponoc

Five Things You Should Know about Studio Ponoc

With Studio Ghibli closing its doors for now Studio Ponoc is up and running and ready to prove that it can exist in the world of animation outside the influence of such major companies as Disney and Pixar. So far  Ghibli has paved the way for Ponoc so that it might undergo an easier transition and offer fans of Ghibli a much better time when trying to sort out just what they want to watch. Those that have grown tired of the predictable formulas that Disney and Pixar offer might want to check out Studio Ponoc’s upcoming film Mary and the Witch’s Flower, if only to see something different and perhaps more enticing.

It could be something that might benefit the viewer’s point of view.

5. It was founded by one of the animators of Spirited Away.

That’s a lot of ambition to take on a project such as this and run with one’s own studio. It shows a lot of gumption to step up to the plate and take the role that many people have accepted but only a handful have ever truly succeeded at. What will become of Studio Ponoc is up to those running it, but given that the founder is someone that’s already worked for Studio Ghibli in the past it’s reasonable to think that things might go okay.

4. It has a lot to live up to.

Studio Ghibli has a very dedicated fan base that doesn’t mess around when it comes to their content and how they tend to pander to what the fans want. While many studios do this Ghibli has made it a habit to give the people a genuine and intriguing story that keeps them coming back for more and still finding that they’re not completely sated.

3. Mary and the Witch’s Flower is its first official film.

This will be Ponoc’s chance to show that they can indeed do what Ghibli does and entertain the masses with their story lines and skillful animation. It might be a rocky road to start with since they aren’t as well known but with a movie that holds some similarities to the work of Studio Ghibli it might become a boon that they can use to their advantage.

2. It should be an easy transition for hardcore Ghibli fans.

Since the animation is largely the same and the story lines aren’t all that different Ghibli fans shouldn’t have to suffer withdrawals from missing out on their favorite movies. Studio Ponoc should be able to step in and fulfill the role that Ghibli was so confident in, and despite a few expected hitches here and there they should be able to assert their authority with this coming movie.

1. The studio will be releasing the movie to theaters in January of 2018.

There’s no better time than the present to get things going. The start of a new year could be the start of a very successful run for Studio Ponoc. One can only hope that the movie will open to great reviews and the studio will be able to keep making more for the foreseeable future.

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