Five Things You Didn’t Know about Oakes Fegley

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Oakes Fegley

Becoming an actor is the biggest dream of many young people all over the world. This was certainly true of Oakes Fegley, a thirteen-year-old who has already gotten a phenomenal start in the entertainment industry. He made his film debut in Fort Bliss and also played a small role in Person of Interest. The most well-known role that Oakes Fegley has scored is the starring role of Pete in the 2016 Disney film, Pete’s Dragon. This well-received and financially successful film follows the story of a feral boy (Oakes Fegley) who befriends a dragon called Elliot. It was a great movie, and a perfect start to this young actor’s career.

In recent news, Fegley has been spotted filming his new work, The Goldfinch. This tale will follow the story of a young boy in New York who recently survived a bombing. He meets an old man in the debris who gives him a mysterious message, leading him to steal the precious titular artwork. The film will be based on the novel of the same name by Donna Tartt. It will also mark Fegley’s segue into more serious movies. The Goldfinch is not expected to debut until sometime in 2019. Until then, any Oakes Fegley fans will have to watch some of his older works instead. Of course, you may not know too much about this up-and-coming actor. If that is the case, read on to learn Five Things You Didn’t Know about Oakes Fegley.

He is a Videogame Enthusiast

Like any thirteen-year-old boy, Oakes Fegley is a big fan of video games. In one interview, he even stated that he has a large collection of videogames. He also named the Xbox One as his favorite console — a true teenager of 2018. He’s still got quite a few years before he gets bored of gaming. Of course, if he is like some guys this time might never come.

He Does His Own Stunts

In Pete’s Dragon, Fegley’s character performs a lot of stunts. One of the coolest things about this young actor is that he didn’t ever rely on a stunt double to perform them for him. This shows a drive and dedication to his art that not many people of his age possess.

He Loves The Jungle Book

When Oakes Fegley was asked about his favorite Disney film, he replied that, besides Pete’s Dragon, the honor belongs to The Jungle Book. He was referring to the old animated version. Perhaps this love for the Disney classic is what got him so psyched to play his most famous Disney role.

He Won’t Grow Out His Hair

Before he played Pete, the directors in charge asked him to grow out his hair. Though he made a solid effort, he found that it would take too long and he didn’t have time before filming. Instead, he ended up having permanent extensions put in. He didn’t like them at all, as he couldn’t even take them out at night. On the plus side, his head felt nice and light when they were finally removed.

His Family is Very Important to Him

Oakes Fegley is greatly appreciative of his family. He tried to portray this feeling in Pete’s Dragon, tapping directly into his own thoughts on the subject. He has stated that you should always make sure your family knows that you are important to them, and that you should never give up on them. After all, they will always be here for you.

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