Five Things You Didn’t Know About Madison Hildebrand

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Madison Hildebrand

As with all reality shows, the Million Dollar Listing franchise has a lot of moving parts that operate behind the lives of real, live people, and this can make for some interesting chemistry and conflict. The thing that drives the mystique of many of these shows is the fact that the audience is rarely aware of the backdrop stories that drive many of the relationships on the shows. One of the most interesting characters on Million Dollar Listing is Madison Hildebrand. One thing Hildebrand is not, and that is boring. There are quite a few things that the public does not know about Hildebrand, but we are going to provide five things that will help to illuminate the flow and chemistry of the show.

Here are five things that you did not know about Madison Hildebrand and his cast mates.

1. Madison Previously Fell Out with Heather Bilveu

Madison is no stranger to the Million Dollar Listing franchise, being one of the original cast members. Heather worked with Madison for years at Coldwell Banker, and for the longest time, the two were the best friends. When Heather decided that she was ready to take her career to the next level, she felt that it was outside of the capacity of Hildebrand to help her, so she sought help elsewhere, and created friction between the two.

2. Madison Is Making a Return

While it is uncertain why Madison didn’t return for the second season of the show, fans have been waiting and hoping for a return. Well, according to inside sources, it looks like the fans may be getting what they are looking for. Hildebrand is returning for the show’s finale. He will be scoping out the listings of both, David Parnes and James Harris.

3. He Appeared in Millionaire Matchmaker

It seems that Hildebrand has a thing for appearing on reality shows. It was during the third season of Millionaire Matchmaker that Madison’s friend, Patti Stanger sets him up on a date. The setup did not pan out, as Hildebrand revealed that he simply was not attracted to the person that he was set up with. So the setup did not create any sparks that would lead to any type of longevity.

4. Real Estate is Not the Only Thing Madison is Good At

While there is no doubt that Madison has been very successful when it comes to real estate, he has experienced success in a number of other areas. He is also a published author. In fact, in 2009, Madison released a book entitled, Activate Your passion, which enjoyed success. And, in 2013, Hildebrand proved once more that he had range, by releasing a scented candle collection through a company he created called The Malibu Life.

5. Hildebrand Functions as a Brand Ambassador for Docusign

Docusign is an eSignature company that facilitates the capacity for millions of users to legally sign documents from a digital format. The goal of Docusign is to eliminate the amount of paper that is wasted annually printed out documents for the purpose of having them signed. The success of this company would mean a major reduction of the universal carbon footprint that is so negatively impacting the world.

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