Five Things You Didn’t Know about Lucy Dacus

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Lucy Dacus

Lucy Dacus is an American musician whose star is on the rise currently and might be taking her higher than she thought possible if she continues to make the kind of progress she’s already done. She’s not so well known yet that people are flocking to her banner but she does have a great deal of fans already thanks to her fresh lyrics and her otherwise interesting sound that isn’t really apathetic but is more along the line of kind of laid back and relaxed. Her music has kind an indie and even country feel to it that makes it endearing to many different people which is great since it doesn’t require liking a single genre to really get into her music. She might not be everyone’s cup of tea but that’s the great thing about music is that there are so many performers out there that you can move from one to the next and never find them all.

Something tells me that Lucy is going to acquire a lot more fans in the future though.

5. She performed at Lollapalooza in 2016.

This should be a considered as a massive feather in her cap even if she was a lead-in act and not the main band. It wouldn’t matter since just being there would be an honor and enough to get the band off the ground with some real recognition. The chances that a band needs to get big are those that put them in line for the greatest exposure to the largest number of fans.

4. She left college to pursue her music career.

It’s not always the most desired path for some but there are those that feel as though college just doesn’t hold the same appeal or opportunity for them as it does for others. Plus in music it’s always a gamble to wait and see if your career will take off or if you can take the time to finish your education and then go out on the road. The chances are good that you might miss the bus if you wait.

3. She was signed to Matador records.

At one point it sounds like there were multiple companies trying to get her on their label. Why she accepted Matador’s offer is unknown but it stands to reason that she saw something in them that she liked and went with the company that she thought could help her music the most.  The aspect of business is still vital to those that are in love with the music.

2. She’s an indie rocker.

Between her voice and the band the entire sound of Lucy Dacus’ group is something that feels like a warm bath folding over a body, not too hot and not too cold but definitely just right and more than enough to lull a person into a state of absolute comfort.

1. Her voice is a kind twangy alto.

This type of voice has been heard before but it’s always a surprise when it does come out since it’s so nice to listen to. Lucy Dacus has a very hypnotic singing voice that’s bound to take her a long way from where she is now.

Her music is really quite good.

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