Five Things You Didn’t Know about Holly Marie Combs

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Holly Marie Combs

Holly Marie Combs is an actress and producer that had a rather tumultuous time as a child. She wasn’t abused so far as anyone knows but she and her mother did move around a bit, which can take a toll on anyone. Her parents were still very young when they had her and after two years of marriage discovered that the relationship just couldn’t work out. Her mother, who was trying to be an actress, took Hollie with her and the two of them made due as they moved about. Eventually her mother married again and things seemed to finally even out.

They made it work obviously, and for the better one could say since she became this successful.

5. She was a certified scuba diver at 13.

That’s pretty impressive really. At the age of thirteen I think I was still too interested in comic books and video games to think about such pursuits. But a lot of times it seems like those that are destined to become someone important or at least famous have very different interests that set them apart from others. Scuba diving is after all a very interesting recreational hobby.

4. She landed her first major role at the age of 14. 

Sweet Hearts Dance was her first movie and the first time she got to step onscreen as a star. It might not be remembered as much as her later roles but it still carries importance because it was the first time she got out in front of the camera for something serious. That of course would get her started on a career that many might say wasn’t as stellar as some but was still interesting to watch.

3. Her role in Charmed came in 1998.

Honestly I am not a fan of Charmed but I’ll say that Piper was probably the only character on the show that I really enjoyed watching. She was, a lot of times, the voice of reason in an otherwise chaotic household when her two sisters were slightly out of control. Having had to be the voice of reason more than once in the past I can kind of side with Piper since it’s not an easy job.

2. She kept her third pregnancy a secret.

You could argue that keeping her other pregnancies a secret would have been her prerogative as well since it’s really no one’s business, but when you’re in show business people kind of need to know because a lot of fans would wonder if she wasn’t around for a while. But she kept the third pregnancy on the down low because it was high risk. She delivered at 35 weeks and thankfully the baby was just fine.

1. She had a cameo in Ocean’s Eleven.

Her cameo was as herself and honestly I think you’d have to really look to find her since there’s so much going on in the film. But honestly if you forgot about the opening poker scene then you might want to go back and watch again. That’s her at the table with the others tossing chips in as Ocean suckers them into a heavy bet.

She’s definitely slowed down in her onscreen involvement, but she’s still a pleasant face to see from time to time.

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