Five Things You Didn’t Know about Garrett Morris

Garret Morris is an American comedian and actor from Louisiana that’s had a long and storied career. You might recognize him from a wide number of roles that he’s played on TV since he’s a very personable and likable fellow.  He’s been active for a very long time and has been making people laugh for just about as long. His comedy is usually straight to the point and meant to make people laugh which makes him one of the more blunt and enjoyable personalities in the industry. In fact the only issue that he’s really had came from his time on Saturday Night Live when it was discovered he was being typecast for very stereotypical roles. This would eventually become something that other actors would worry over when they were brought onto the show.

Otherwise he’s been one of those actors that’s just a lot of fun to watch.

5. He was shot twice during a robbery.

There’s not a lot of details about this but obviously he came through okay. This goes to show that actors don’t always lead easy lives and can be affected by the same things that average people have to deal with at times. Garret  managed to recover just fine and continued on through his career but it seems fair to say that he might have been shaken up a bit by such an event.

4. He’s written plays as well as acted.

He hasn’t been idle between roles since he’s also been into writing plays here and there, putting his experience to use. Actors can often become looked down upon if they have no other outside interests that people know about. Personally I find it interesting that some of them do tend to diversify their talents since it makes them that much easier to relate to.

3. He was one of the original members of Saturday Night Live.

He had the distinction of being one of the first cast members and the first African American cast member but he wasn’t entirely satisfied. His tenure lasted from 1975 to 1980, and throughout his time on the set he felt as though was being typecast continually. He would always be given the roles of stereotypical figures that didn’t allow him a lot of further development as an actor.

2. He’s a former schoolteacher.

This is kind of cool to learn since it adds another layer of depth to his person that a lot of people might not have known about. Something tells me he might have been an interesting teacher simply because of the fact that he became a comedian. Any class with this guy at the head of it might have been kind of fun if you think about it, especially if he was already trying to entertain people.

1. He trained at Juilliard. 

This might get thrown around like it’s no big deal at times but the fact is that Juilliard is a very prestigious and difficult school to get into. The acceptance rate is less than ten percent and the tuition is outrageous for a single year of schooling. Garret trained here but didn’t graduate. He eventually went on to Dillard where he graduated from.

He has more of a history than people realize.

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