Five Things You Didn’t Know about Frank Dillane

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Frank Dillane

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Frank Dillane

There are some things you might know about Frank Dillane and some you might not. A lot of people know him as the troubled young man on Fear The Walking Dead, which has yet to gain the notoriety of its parent show, The Walking Dead. Dillane plays Nick, a former, or possibly current addict that is one of the first to actually take note of the fact that the dead aren’t staying still any longer. Of course for all he knows this is one bad trip and he could be imagining everything. But guess what happens when he gets sober? Nope, not a dream, the dead ARE STILL RISING. Dillane plays a very convincing role by portraying a young man that has to deal with a world that is suddenly flipped on its ear and has little if any real sense of morality left. His talents are more than up to the challenge considering that he has to essentially play against the rest of the cast as he goes his own way.

Dillane is a very noteworthy actor that’s had a few memorable roles. Here are a few other things you might not remember about him.

5. He had the part of Tom Riddle in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Remember young Tom Riddle?  Dillane played the character to a tee with his icy gaze and seemingly carefree but chilly sense of grace. He makes the hypothetical case for splitting one’s soul into pieces seem like an everyday discussion about a science project, and what’s worse, his character probably would have treated it as such. Creepy Frank, and downright disturbing, but bravo for the performance.

4. He’s an Englishman.

You might have thought his accent in the Harry Potter film was just a clever and very good bit of acting, but in truth Dillane is in fact a born Englishman. His role as Nick shows that he can in fact switch the accent on and off with ease and pass as an American citizen without any problem.

3. He insists that the character of Nick is not a “drug” addict.

Fans might argue with this considering all that they’ve seen Nick go through, but when you stop and think about it this statement makes a lot of sense. Nick has been clean for a little while on the show, and yet he still shows addictive behaviors. He might not be using, but he’s addicted to something, be it danger, the adrenaline-rush it gives, or something far more ethereal in nature. He’s an addict, but it has nothing to do with illegal substances.

2. He prepared for the part of Nick by carrying around and reading Thomas de Quincy’s “Confessions of an English Opium-eater”.

It seems sensible to really prepare for the role of an addict.  By reading up on the addictive nature of another and understanding what they went through, how it felt, and how they reacted to their environment it would give an actor a big jump on what will be expected of them. Good show old chap.

1. He graduated from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

Across the pond lies yet another prestigious school where actors tend to flock if they have the chance. Dillane spent three years in this institution before graduating. He actually filmed his role in the sixth Harry Potter film before attending the Academy, so it’s a little impressive to think that he actually had some experience before being made to brush up on his skills.

If you’re a super fan a lot of these facts might be known to you. But if you’re a casual observer then a few of these facts might be of some interest.


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