Five Things You Didn’t Know about Eric Wareheim

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Eric Wareheim

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Eric Wareheim

It’s becoming very common to see individuals take on the role of actor, writer, director, and many other positions these days. Eric Wareheim is among the number of individuals that has done much to cement his place in Hollywood by not sticking to one specific role. He’s currently starring with Aziz Ansari in Master of None, but he’s had a rather full career thus far and shows no sign of slowing down as the years continue to roll on.

So what else has he done?

5. He’s been in several music videos.

Eric has one of those goofy, lovable faces that you can’t really mistake for anyone else. He’s been featured in several different music videos as either an extra or someone that was meant to be there. A lot of stars have done this in their career and it’s one of the more endearing ways to spend their time as it seems to brighten up a fans day when they see their favorite actors and musicians working together.

4. He has an impressive film and TV resume.

Even if you haven’t really heard of him, like me, just looking at the career he’s built for himself is very impressive. He’s been in TV shows, films, commercials, and as mentioned above, music videos. For some just edging into forty-one years of age that’s very inspiring. Not to mention that he is more than just an actor. His resume reads like a much bigger star than he appears to be, but once you watch him it’s easy to begin to understand just what he brings to the screen and how he is easily one of the more successful actors in the business at the moment. He might not get the big, lucrative roles, but he is definitely on the right track for continued success.

3. He’s played in several area bands in Philadelphia

Eric is also a musician that loves to jam on stage and has played many different venues in Philadelphia with several different bands. This speaks a lot to his character that he doesn’t stick himself in one place that offers little growth or expansion for his personality.

2. He’s worked with many notable actors.

As it was mentioned above he is currently working with Aziz Ansari on a fairly regular basis. But he has also worked with other noted actors such as John C. Reilly and many others. He definitely takes a back seat sometimes but his personality and character are hard to miss in whatever he appears in. He’s one of those actors you know is there, but is not always the main focus. In Master of None however he has taken a definite step forward.

1. He’s not just an actor.

As it’s been mentioned he is an actor, a writer, a comedian, a director, and a musician. That’s a lot of roles to fill to be honest, and it likely keeps him quite busy from one project to the next. Through it all though he keeps his sense of humor and keeps moving forward, which is very inspirational.

So if you don’t know Eric Wareheim yet go on out and watch a few of his films, or better yet watch Master of None. You might like what you see.

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