Five Things You Didn’t Know about Emily Tremaine

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Emily Tremaine

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Emily Tremaine

Emily Tremaine is an American actress. Primarily, she is known for her role as Natalie Atwood in Guilt as well as her role as Audrey Bidwell on The Blacklist. It is worth noting that in more recent times, she has been cast in a Syfy pilot called Tremors, though it remains to be seen what will come from that.

Here are five things that you may or may not have known about Emily Tremaine:

She Went to Sarah Lawrence College

Tremaine went to Sarah Lawrence College. Like its name suggests, the school was named for a woman named Sarah Lawrence, who was the spouse of the businessman who founded the place for the purpose of teaching both the arts and the humanities to female students. In modern times, Sarah Lawrence College is famous for its use of one-on-one tutorials held by the faculty members, which is modeled after Oxford and Cambridge.

She Was Terrible at Math

Speaking of which, it might amuse some people to learn that Tremaine was not so great when it comes to the subject of math. Fortunately, she chose a school that started out as a place that focused on the arts and the humanities, so much so that it remains strongest in those particular fields even in the present. In particular, Sarah Lawrence College is best-known for its specialization in the humanities, the performing arts, and the field of writing as well as its emphasis on self-study. Something that serves to set it apart from a lot of the other schools that exist out there.

She Has Been Ordained as a Minister

Like a surprising number of people, Tremaine has been ordained as a minister. To be exact, she sought to be ordained as a minister so that she could conduct the marriage for some of her friends. For those who are curious, the process for becoming ordained as a minister is as simple as submitting some documents to a relevant organization, though for obvious reasons, some of the organizations that exist out there are held in higher regard than others.

She Voiced The Uglies

Interestingly, Tremaine has done voice-work for audio books. To be exact, she did the first three books in the Uglies series, which is one of those innumerable young adult series set in a dystopian future. In its case, the Uglies series is centered around the premise of a future society in which teenagers undergo surgery to make them a “Pretty” at the age of 16, which is actually combined with brain lesions to make them much easier to control. Suffice to say that the series’s metaphors are not particularly subtle, though considering that it has resulted in four books so far, it has managed to connect with its intended readers.

Loves the 70s

Tremaine has stated that her favorite era is the 1970s, so much so that she wishes that she could have lived during those times. Furthermore, she has also stated her fondness for vintage clothing, though in truth, it is a passion that extends to other things vintage as well, with her musical taste being an excellent example.


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