Five Things You Didn’t Know about Danneel Ackles

If you watch the CW or One Life to Live you might recognize Danneel Ackles since she’s been on One Tree Hill as a recurring character and also been a soap star for long enough to gain recognition and a fan base. Believe it or not she’s thirty-eight years old even though she looks like she could easily hang with a younger crowd and blend in perfectly. She’s also got three kids and somehow retains that youthful look as well as the energy to get up and go when it comes to her career.

I don’t know about you but I find that very impressive and even a bit inspirational.

5. She is a gymnast.

This could be part of what keeps her looking young, but it could also take a heavy toll on her body if she were to ever overdo it. Gymnats are notorious for being in great shape and keeping up appearances a lot of times. It could be the kind of thing that would keep a person young so long as they didn’t practice to excess or take things so far that their bodies began to wear out that much quicker. Demanding activities such as this can break a body down quicker, but it doesn’t appear to have done that for her.

4. The cast of One Tree Hill nicknamed her Elmo.

I’m not sure why or how she got this nickname but it does show that her fellow costars do have some affection for her as a person and a friend. She gets along with the rest of the cast pretty well apparently and is good friends with some of them. That would definitely be a great advantage when working on such a show with other people, as being friendly could open more doors and create more opportunities for further success.

3. She gave birth to twins at age 37.

No matter if she’s in great shape it’s usually seen that women who are in their thirties are often advised to take caution when getting pregnant so late in life. It might be that some folks don’t think being in their thirties is that old but truthfully a person’s body starts to change during this decade and it’s simply prudent to pay attention to what’s going on with your system just to avoid any unwanted accidents. Thankfully her twins were born just fine and are doing well it would seem.

2. She worked as a model before becoming an actress.

Danneel worked for such companies as Big Sexy Hair and Juicy Jeans. Maybe they were companies that came and went or were more regional than national since I don’t recall ever hearing about them. Or maybe it’s more because guys don’t always tend to notice such things. In any case she was a successful model before she landed her first acting role.

1. Her birth name is Elta Danneel Graul.

She was named after her great-grandmother, but she prefers to go by her middle name more often. Elta is after all kind of an older-sounding name that sounds like it comes from a much different era. It’s a nice name, but then again it’s her choice.

She’s one of those actors that definitely looks very good for her age.

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