Five Roles you Totally Forgot Kaley Cuoco Played

Five Roles you Totally Forgot Kaley Cuoco Played

Five Roles you Totally Forgot Kaley Cuoco Played

For many people Kaley Cuoco’s real claim to fame would likely be The Big Bang Theory. It is after all one of the reasons why she’s become so popular and is now considered one of the hottest women in Hollywood, as well as one of the most successful. But honestly she’s been around a lot longer than people might think. She started taking roles a child in films like Virtuosity alongside Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe. Cuoco has been in the game long enough to know what she’s doing, but it’s fair to say she’s been overlooked far too often.

Here are just a few of her early roles that you might have forgotten or never knew about.

5. Stacy Cales – Untouchable

Kaley plays the unwitting victim in this Lifetime suspense movie opposite Rob Lowe, who is a police officer that’s been married three times before he sets his eyes on her. Lowe’s first two wives mysteriously disappeared, and when he starts a relationship with Stacy his third wife suddenly has an “accident” that allows him to marry Stacy and begin a new family. It’s only when Stacy inexplicably disappears and Lowe marries again that questions start to arise.

4. Alyson Schmidt – To Be Fat Like Me

Cuoco gets to find out just what it’s like to be a bigger person and the kind of harassment that such people have to go through when she decides to wear an obesity suit for a documentary. Despite her belief that her mother and younger brother are using their weight as an excuse for everything wrong in their lives, she soon discovers that even a winning personality isn’t always enough to get a person by when others judge on how you look.

3. Billie Jenkins – Charmed

Despite the quirky and positive nature of the character Cuoco’s role on Charmed wasn’t well-received. Too many fans thought it was a step downward from the original show and chose not to support Billie Jenkins. In truth making her so powerful was probably a mistake considering that the show is largely based upon the witches being able to sort out one power from another without being overwhelmed by someone that is so ultimately powerful. Plus, Kaley expressed her displeasure with the drama aspect, claiming that she would rather go back to a sitcom.

2. Lynn – 7th Heaven

Kaley didn’t have much of a role on 7th Heaven, at least not a recurring one. She spent a short amount of time with the show and then moved on to other roles If fans remember her at all it would be for a short appearance. Cuoco hasn’t really held onto drama roles all that much in her career as she seems to favor sitcoms.

1. Karin Carter – Virtuosity 

Kaley was only a kid when she took on the role of Karin Carter, and was barely recognizable from her role then as compared to now. She’s come a long way from her beginning days of acting, and despite the many issues she’s had in her life she’s still here and still doing what she loves.

It’s amazing to learn just how experienced some actors are. Many of them these days are starting as children and, if they don’t burn out, are continuing on to create a career that spans decades.



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