Five Reasons Daenerys Shouldn’t Win the Iron Throne

Five Reasons Daenerys Shouldn’t Win the Iron Throne

Five Reasons Daenerys Shouldn’t Win the Iron Throne

If you’re excited as I am about the prospect of what’s going to happen in GoT this coming season then it stands to reason that you’re starting to wonder just who should assume the Iron Throne and rule over Westeros. Should be Jon, who is tired of killing and just wants to unite the land? Should it be Cersei, who doesn’t care about anyone so long as she gets her way? Or should it be Daenerys, the dragon queen that has an army behind her and is in fact the rightful ruler of Westeros, if you follow the logical path of ascension. So we know Cersei shouldn’t have the throne, and Jon seems like he’d be a good ruler but not entirely qualified. But why shouldn’t Dany be considered?

Well, there are a few reasons why.

5. Her line has all but died out.

Apart from herself and Jon, and possibly a long line of bastards, there are no Targaryens left in the world. They are the last two that are able to claim any type of Targaryen blood in their veins with any sense of certainty. Also, she has been gone from Westeros long enough that her family name has become more of a legend and cautionary tale that won’t allow her a true claim to the throne.

4. She’s a little bloodthirsty.

Anytime she’s had a problem with someone they usually end up dead. Remember her brother? He threatened her well-being and even dared to threaten her unborn child, and he was killed in one of the most brutal ways possible. Those that mess with Dany don’t tend to live long and even if they do, they live just long enough to regret crossing her. It doesn’t take much to upset Dany unfortunately, and her soldiers are less than forgiving.

3. She’s never really dealt with the cold before.

You’re right to say that she has dragons to combat that kind of problem, but let’s really take a look at this. Dragons might be able to take down a good portion of the white walkers, but there’s really nothing to say that they can take on the strongest of them without some serious retribution. If she doesn’t have her dragons Dany is still tough, but against ice and the frigid cold of the grave even the mother of dragons might feel the need to back down a step.

2. She doesn’t have a good track record with men.

If Drogo had survived then Dany would have been secure but still considered a wife and a mother and little else. Her title as queen has allowed her to flourish because she has become a woman that no longer really needs a man, but definitely wants one. The trick is finding a man that can keep pace with her and actually satisfy EVERY need she has. Thus far none have really fit the bill. As a ruler it would be wise to have someone that is just as strong as she is to balance her out, otherwise she might make a very poor ruler indeed.

1. The Dothraki aren’t exactly likely to remain loyal servants.

Do you really see the Dothraki settling down like the rest of Westeros? The Unsullied might remain content to follow Dany, but the Dothraki, who are nomads at heart, would likely break off into their own Khalasars and begin terrorizing the people of Westeros without hesitation. Would Dany let them or try to reign them in? And really, who successful would that be do you think? Chaining the Dothraki to a sedentary existence would not only kill their spirit but it would make them resentful of their Khaleesi, and thereby taint her rule.

This could be all conjecture and be proven wrong, but Dany seems like a very tenuous ruler at best right now. Hopefully when GoT starts up again I’ll be proven wrong or right. It should be an eye-opener either way.


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