Five Possible Prequel Ideas for Game of Thrones

Five Possible Prequel Ideas for Game of Thrones

Fans who have watched the Game of Thrones series, read the books or both, understand how there is fodder for practically limitless prequel story lines. That is how it goes with great writing and George R.R. Martin’s work definitely qualifies. The books are busy with action and multiple story lines and the same is true for the popular HBO television series. We’ve done the research and narrowed the generous supply topics down to those likely to be big hits with fans.

Here are five possible prequel ideas for Game of Thrones.

1. The Andal Invasion

This prequel would be the perfect lead in to the current series. It deals with the migration of the Andal people to the continent. About 6,000 years prior to the time period of Game of Thrones, the arrival of the Andals signaled changes in Westeros including the genetic makeup for the region. This would proceed the war between the Children of the Forest and the First Men, leading to man’s dominion over the Children of the Forest and the land. The two groups battle with White Walkers.

The warrior Andals from Essos resulted in a destructive time as the fair haired and tall of stature fighters who had advanced beyond the bronze age conquered the natives of Westeros. They infiltrated the region with their religion and culture, intermarrying with the locals. There are hundreds of years available to craft an exciting series dealing with this time of unparallelled change.

2. The Dunk and Egg Stories

George R. R. Martin wrote The Dunk and Egg Stories which take place around 90 years prior to the Game of Thrones is Westeros and before the time of the Five Kings. It is already a series of three stories which have the capacity for nine more associated tales. Adaptation for a television series wouldn’t be difficult. These stories would make an excellent prequel series with room for some amazing expansion if the series caught on. The tales center around Ser Duncan the Tall who is a traveling knight with his services for hire. They also tell of Aegon Targaryen whoc was given the nickname “Egg.”

3. Aegon’s Conquest

The Iron Throne is forged 200 years prior to Robert’s Rebellion and the Lord of the Seven Kindgdoms appears and unites the individual kingdoms under one ruler. Aegon Targaryen, Lord of Dragonstone at the time was successful in securing his kingdom. He made an offer to surrounding kingdoms that he would show mercy if they surrendered and bowed to his authority. If not, he would destroy them. His goal was to unite the seven kingdoms.

He left his island stronghold and swept the countryside of Westeros, finally causing the bent knee of Torrhen Stark of Winterfell. The Dornish seat of House Martell was the only remaining kingdom not under his dominion. This would be an interesting series that would definitely offer adventure and excitement with multiple battle scenes. If the focus would be placed on Aegon, multiple plots and stories could easily be crafted from the other characters.

4. The Blackfyre Rebellions

House Blackfyre was one of the most intense rivals that the Targaryen family faced. A total of five Blackfyre rebellions plagued the Housee Targaryen and this would make for some interesting episodes. What would make it even more interesting is that Daemon Blackfyre was the son of King Aegon IV, a legitimized bastard who took his revenge on the other Aegon children after the ruler died. The conflicts eventually turned into wars that spanned seventy five years in duration.

5. The War of the Ninepenny Kings

This war is the final of the Blackfyre rebellion wars, but it is substantial enough to be made into its own multiple season series. This war signaled the end of the House of Blackfyre under the leadership of Maelys Blackfyre. He was joined by a group of other warmongering leaders from Essos,and Prince Duncan Targaryen made the joke that “crowns were being sold nine a penny.” Hence the group was given the title of the Ninepenny Kings. These events happen forty years prior to the era of the Game of Thrones.

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