Five Pivotal Moments from The Gifted Season 2

Five Pivotal Moments from The Gifted Season 2

Five Pivotal Moments from The Gifted Season 2

The Gifted is a show that airs on Fox and deals with the ever-expanding Marvel Universe. As more and more subjects related to Marvel characters move from movies to television, it’s not surprising to see a show like this where an otherwise perfectly normal family has its life turned upside down when they find out that their kids have special powers. This follows very much on the heels of characters like Wolverine and others. The show first premiered in 2017. Here, you can learn more about five of the most important moments of the second season.

1. The Gifted Season 2, Episode 5

Up until now, many people think that some of the players involved in this clip, such as the Frost sisters, Lorna and Andy are trying to do things to make life better for other people. However, those lines start to become a little bit more blurred once viewers realize that they’re responsible for a rather heinous attack on a psychiatric hospital. This is basically where things start to get a little murkier and you really have to start trying to figure out who is on what side.

2. The Gifted Season 2, Episode 5

Granted, this is the same episode as the one listed above but it’s an entirely different clip. You might say that there are a lot of poignant moments in this particular episode, and in this case, it’s all about something as simple as going out to lunch. Andy and Rebecca go out for lunch and some light-hearted conversation. At least that’s the way things start out. However, by the time it’s all said and done Rebecca is showing Andy that she too has special powers, something that he wasn’t fully cognizant of before.

3. The Gifted Season 2, Episode 6

There is a lot going on in this episode, too. For starters, the sisters are trying to get Polaris to join in on the group and Polaris isn’t exactly excited about the idea. At the same time, Esme starts telling Polaris some secrets about things that the sisters have done in the past, which probably explains the aforementioned lack of excitement. During all this drama, Reed is having trouble controlling his powers and many of the mutants are getting ready to carry out an ambush that they think will get the attention of the entire world.

4. The Gifted Season 2, Episode 5

Here is yet another clip from episode five. Clearly, this is one of the more dramatically charged episodes out of the entire season. The scene itself is emotional from the very moment that they burst through the doors of the hospital. That being said, perhaps the most emotional thing out of the entire scene is the fact that John absolutely refuses to give up on Lorna and Andy. At a time when so many people are willing to essentially throw them to the wolves, he keeps fighting for them, determined to make people see that they’re worth more than the sum of their parts.

5. The Gifted Season 2, Episode 4

Things have been contentious between Andy and Lorna before, but they really do come to a head in this clip. Before it’s all said and done, the two of them get into a fight. You have to remember, they both have mutant powers so when they get mad and they start fighting, bad things can happen. In other words, this very well could be a fight that’s capable of ending the relationship between the two, at the very least.

This isn’t necessarily the first time that the world of Marvel movies has ended up becoming its very own television show with its own characters. That being said, this does seem to be one of the more interesting options that’s ever been available in that particular format. The thing that keeps it interesting is that you’re always guessing. As a viewer, you never really know who’s trying to make the world a better place and who’s trying to make their own lives better at the expense of others. A lot of it deals with that constant turmoil that exists inside each person, the fight between doing what’s right and doing what is easy. Perhaps that’s why the show resonates with audience members as much as it does.

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