Five Movies That Truly Capture the Culture of Detroit

Five Movies That Truly Capture the Culture of Detroit

Detroit is the kind of city that just seems to cry out for attention at times with its rich and well-defined sense of culture. In the history of films there have been cities that have received a good amount of attention due to their location, their history, the people, and the attractions that they have to offer. Such cities often have a rich, cultural background that can lend itself well to film and become an overnight sensation or a cult classic depending on how well they’re received. Detroit, Michigan is a city that has that type of culture and is known far and wide as one of the most popular cities to ever become a movie sensation. Most films that manage to paint the picture of the city do so in a very different light, but almost always capture the essence of what the city represents in some way.

Even if it’s a darker, grungier side of the city, citizens tend to take pride in the fact that their city is mentioned.

5. The Crow

I won’t call this a post-apocalyptic view of Detroit or anything but it’s definitely dark. When a murder victim returns from the dead it doesn’t take long before he wanders the city looking for those who killed him, and took the life of his beloved fiance. Revenge is a dish that is best served cold, but once he finds them things tend to get a bit heated.

4. 8 Mile

8 Mile is about as close as you get to being on the other side of the tracks in terms of social status and geographical location. For Eminem this was a deeply personal movie as it showcased the struggle he went through in order to find his way to the top of the rap game and finally break out of the despair he’d been living in prior to his fame.

3. Four Brothers

Family isn’t just who you’re born to and has nothing to do with skin color. This is proven in a movie where four brothers have to come together once again after spending years apart in order to discover just who murdered their mother and how they can go about getting their revenge. Brotherhood runs way deeper than skin color in this action flick.

2. Out of Sight

George Clooney plays an ex-con that’s down on his luck but has knowledge of a particular heist that’s going down in Detroit and wants to get in on it. The only trouble is that his business partners are intent on cutting him out of the deal and retiring him for good. Despite already being complicated it gets even more so when he meets up with a woman that doesn’t know the meaning of the word compromise.

1. Beverly Hills Cop

Axel Foley is the kind of cop that will take orders but go about completing them in his own way. He’s a good cop but takes too much for granted and tends to think he knows how to scam his way out almost anything. In all honesty he is close to being that good but he bites off a little more than he can chew at times.

Detroit, gotta love it.

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