Five Movies to Watch If You Liked The Old Guard

Five Movies to Watch If You Liked The Old Guard

The Old Guard has landed and people are either loving it or hating it depending on what they enjoy when it comes to movies. But all in all, if you enjoy movies about immortals and their need to stay within the shadows of society, this might be the movie for you. The need of the individuals in this movie to stay hidden is pretty reasonable since the idea of what humanity might try to do if we ever found out about immortals among our ranks is kind of horrifying, and might be well-represented in this movie. Like many other movies that are similar in their own way, Old Guard takes a line that includes hard to kill characters, highly-trained warriors that have been around for a while, and have participated in several conflicts that have been documented by historians. And yet, somehow, a lot of people haven’t noticed the link between these individuals and the stories and pictures that were taken of them back in the day. Of course, that’s easy to explain away, much as it s in other movies, but it’s still a question that people are bound to ask. But if you do enjoy this movie then it might be that you’ll enjoy many others that are somewhat similar.

Here are a few movies you might like if you enjoyed The Old Guard.

5. Highlander

Despite the fact that Highlander hasn’t aged that well, the original movie is still enjoyable since it was the one that started it off and helped to bring forth the idea of an immortal race that’s been around for a long, long time and has somehow remained hidden away. One of the problems that arose from this story though is that every immortal was apparently vying for the ‘the prize’ that came to the final person standing when all was said and done. But it was also established, eventually, that immortals couldn’t have children, which kind of begged the question as to how many were there and where would others come from.

4. Extraction

Action, action, and more action is why this one is such a recommended movie. Tyler is a tough individual that’s given a tough if not nearly impossible job and is at one point told to simply let it be since he’s no longer being paid. The difference between a good man, and someone that’s just getting paid, is shown when Tyler continues to keep his charge safe at the expense of his own life it would appear at one point in the movie. Of course, seeing how some people are thinking that there might be another Extraction movie on the way it could be that we’ll see him again, and possibly in another action-packed situation.

3. The Last Witch Hunter

Living forever isn’t always a positive thing obviously, as in this movie it’s actually a curse laid down by a witch queen that uses it as a punishment against one of the intrepid warriors that came to kill her. As a result, Kaulder is forced to walk the world as an immortal, doing what he can to keep witches and all magical forces in check as much as he possibly can. The downfall of being immortal however is that he’ll continue to lose the people that mean something to him, and be haunted by the memories of those that he’s already lost. Plus, he’ll have to deal with the idea that his enemies will continue to seek a way to end him and the world he protects.

2. Deadpool

Deadpool is more or less an accidental immortal since in the movie his mutation was a forced thing, and otherwise, it’s likely that he might have expired without having the chance to become the antihero he is. But with the development of his character and the necessity he has to do what he does, Deadpool is the kind of guy that one might not see coming at all times but is usually one of those that will be doing more good than bad, hopefully, behind the scenes while other heroes do good in the public eye. Deadpool doesn’t exactly want to be known as a hero, but he definitely does fit the bill in many ways.

1. Hancock

Hancock is what happens when an immortal just doesn’t care. He doesn’t want to be bad, he tries to be good, and he tries to do good things, but overall he does it more because…well, just because. He’s not the person that you’d call to start with since he’s likely to do more damage than anything to start with. But once he finds it in himself to care about others and finds out who he is and why he is the way he is, things start to come together and he begins to realize that his greatest strength is that he has the capacity to care.

Being immortal obviously isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

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