Five of the Most Memorable Alaskan Bush People Moments

Five of the Most Memorable Alaskan Bush People Moments

The Discovery Channel premiered the Alaskan Bush People a while back and the show has received incredible viewership, and criticism ever since. This reality documentary series tells a story about the Brown family consisting of Billy, Wife Ami, and their adult children — according to the Discovery Channel, the Browns are captivating and interesting because they are not like a typical American family.

The Channel alleges that the bush people of Alaska are so distant from civilization that they usually take at least seven months every year without coming into contact with an outsider. They are portrayed calling themselves the wolf packs and have their own dialect and accent as a result of a long isolation. The main residence of the Browns is the Copper River Valley where temperatures often drop to minus 60 degrees. The documentaries began by showing how the Browns were forced to move to the current place after being relocated from a public land.

Here are five memorable moments from the show

1. When the Brown family was relying on Snowbird to lead them through Amis cancer crisis.

Well, the Browns are really a hard type. They have dealt with a lot of hardships in the tough terrain with the most unlikely conditions. But the case of cancer is totally new to them. Amis was diagnosed with cancer and her family had to depend on the guidance of Matt and his sister, Snowbird. Snowbird is stunningly tough despite being a woman. Brother and sister were able to find strength in each other to bring strength to the family and the entire tribe of Bush people.

2. When the crisis in the Brown family deepened and had to be moved to California.

In one sad episode of the documentary, the condition of Ami worsened and the family had to start weighing some drastic options, relocating to California being one of them. The family finally settled on the hardest choice of moving to California to keep Amis health condition under control. Just like the moments at the start of the crisis, the family was still sticking together in the middle of the uncertainty and sudden the challenge while Snowbird remained courageous as ever.

3. Learning self-sufficiency, the hard way

In one episode of the documentary, it became apparent of how Alaskan Bush People have a hard time surviving in their new home in the valley. They had to come up with ways to cope using such methods as the new way of pumping water using a windmill. Building the windmill itself was hard since it hard to be built in another valley prone to floods. Gabe narrated of the near- disastrous adaptation to total self-sufficiency in Brownstown.

4. When Noah receives the bad news from his girlfriend

Apparently, Noah was in a fervid romantic relationship with Rhain, an immigrant from Oregon. But it turned out that the global credit crunch of 2007-2008 had made jobs scarce even in secluded Bushes of Alaska. So it dawned on Rhain that her only way of surviving was to fly back to Oregon and possibly get a job there. This would necessitate separation from Noah. But as it is usual with matters of the heart, Noah set out to do all he could to let her stay in Alaska.

5. When it is discovered that Bush cows are more affectionate than previously thought

Snowbird, Rain, and Gabe set out for a vacation to have some nice time with Sabrina after the intense winter preparations. When they are there, we come learn how the family bush cows are affectionate.

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