Five Life Lessons the Show “Baskets” Teaches Us

Five Life Lessons the Show “Baskets” Teaches Us

The FX Channel’s series “Baskets” just began its third season. The comedy drama showcases the talents of Zach Galifinakis, Louis Anderson and other comedians. The series also showcases the talented writing of Jonathan Krisel (“Portlandia”), Louis CK and others. “Baskets” follows the day to day struggles of the Basket Family as they navigate their social and professional lives. The show exhibits a unique type of comedy mixed with drama. The show manages to teach some serious lessons along the way.

Here are five life lessons the show “Baskets” teaches us.

Pursue your dreams

In the first episodes of “Baskets” Chip Basket (Zach Galifinakis) pursues his dream of becoming a clown. He doesn’t want to be just any clown but the best, so he enrolls in clown college in Paris. It proves to be a difficult venture. Short on money and unable to follow his classes because of the language barrier, it would have been logical for Chip to give up his dream. He does the best he can to make his dream come true.

Find the good in anything

Christine Basket is the family matriarch. Christine can find the best in anything. Despite her family filled with their many quirks, Christine can even make bottled water exciting. Louis Anderson, who plays Christine Basket, has said that he bases the character on his own mother. We all have a relative like this. Anderson said that even though his family didn’t have a lot of money and they had their share of troubles, his mother could find joy in ice water. She would serve from a crystal pitcher and share her views with her children and friends about how great the ice water tasted. In this scene from “Baskets” Christine does the same thing. She ignores her family’s quirks and discusses the quality of the bottled water.

You can do it

After failing out of the Parisian clown college, Chip is determined to pursue his dream. With the help of his family, Chip becomes a rodeo clown. His mother has such faith in her son’s dreams that she gives up the Arby’s franchise and purchases a rodeo. She encourages Chip to be the best rodeo clown. Despite the setbacks and his life not turning out exactly as he expected, Chip Basket is able to move forward.


Chip and Martha have a special friendship on “Baskets”. Martha stands by Chip through anything and Chip can always rely on his friend. The friendship between the two is a major theme of “Baskets”. They demonstrate how important that bond is. “Baskets” teaches us the value of family but also the value of good friends.

Empowering women

Christine Basket is a nice lady. She’s optimistic, supports her family and does what is best for all. She put up with a lot to get where she is in life. Christine finally confronts her brother. She knows that he got every advancement in life because he was the boy. As a girl Christine didn’t get the financial advantages that her brother got. However, Christine’s mom kept track and made sure her daughter would get the better inheritance. Christine is finally able to stand up to her brother.

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