The Five Best TV Romances


It’s Valentine’s Day. And while some of us admittedly forgot to buy candy hearts and flowers for their significant others, there’s still time today to go out and make sure they feel special. With so much love in the air, we thought it’d be appropriate to go ahead and take a look at some of the hottest celebrity couples that we were introduced to on a TV show. Sure, they may not have actually happened in real-life, but that doesn’t mean we all didn’t try to mirror any of our relationships of theirs. These are the five best TV romances.

5. Pacey and Joey – Dawson’s Creek

What made this relationship so juicy is that it was so typical of every high school relationship in real-life. You know, a guy (Pacey) has a best friend (Dawson) who used to date the girl he actually likes (Joey). The guy tries to date the girl without stepping on his best buddies toes, trying to keep secret anything that ever happened in fear of making things weird. But it turns out the best friend is actually pretty cool with the two of them being together–and they go on to live happily ever after. This may have had it’s drama and different rounds–they seemed to be on-again, off-again all the time–but it worked out in the end.

4. Zack and Kelly – Saved By The Bell

You had the coolest guy in school dating the down-to-earth, cheerleader–could it have been more cliche and perfect? For everyone of us who grew up in the ’90s, this couple personified everything that high school was supposed to be. With the two going from playground crush early on to, ultimately, marrying each other on the last episode, Zack and Kelly’s relationship seemed to be the ideal type for kids who watched Saved By The Bell each day.

3. Jesse and Becky – Full House

Have Mercy. That’s what viewers were typically saying with this couple each time they watched the comedy Full House. After Becky lands a gig alongside Jesse’s good pal–and housemate–Danny Tanner, the rocker pulls out every move he has to make sure he scores the news anchor. Of course, he was successful–it was Jesse Katsopolis!–and the two not only got married, but had twins, as well. As an almost 30-year-old guy, this still seems like the perfect relationship to me.

2. Jim and Pam – The Office

Although Jim always had a thing for Pam, the funny guy could never make a pass at her because she was actually engaged in the early seasons of The Office. Still, the chemistry between the two was obvious, and that little wrinkle didn’t stop writers from making sure these two ultimately ended up together. It did have its fair share of ups-and-downs–with both always flirting, but seemingly, always being involved with someone else. But in the end, the two not only got together for good, they also gave us one of the best weddings ever.

1. Homer and Marge – The Simpsons

Yep, I went ahead and did it–I put my top TV couple as a couple of cartoons. And you know what? I’m not apologetic for it, either. While Homer and Marge Simpson might not be actual people, they have had the longest TV relationship of anyone, showing us that no matter how much beer, how many donuts or how many dumb things a guy might do, Marge is always there for her “Homie.” If I ever get married, you better believe I’m doing my damnedest to make each day like an episode from the Simpsons–because it just seems fun.

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