Five Actors We’d Really Like to See Make a Comeback

Five Actors We’d Really Like to See Make a Comeback

There are those stars that we wish would have never walked away from the spotlight. In fact some of them we would love to see make a comeback and rock the big screen like they used to. But with some of them it’s more of a pipe dream since they walked away for a pretty good reason and had no intention of coming back. For others they might have needed a lengthy break before they finally made their way back to the screen.

A couple of these people you know we’ll be seeing soon.

5. Meg Ryan

At one time she was considered to be one of the most gorgeous and electrifying women in film. Her part in When Harry Met Sally was awesome, and even in When A Man Loves A Woman was something special. But after Ithaca in 2015 she just kind of went away for a bit. She’s coming back it would seem on the small screen, but it’d be great to see her back on the big screen where she absolutely shines.

4. Sandra Bullock

She’s coming back for certain since she’ll be starring in the all-female led cast Ocean’s 8, in which she plays the sister of the famed Daniel Ocean and is in the same line of work. How this movie is going to play out is anyone’s guess since in many aspects it’s Ocean’s 11 with a female crew and not much of a difference when it comes to the dynamics between the different cast members. It should be fun to watch though.

3. Joaquin Phoenix 

He hasn’t done a whole lot since 2013 but there are a few film credits in there that are substantial enough to say that he hasn’t completely slipped out of the spotlight. This year however he already has projects on line that will be keeping him busy. Whether or not they’re the type that will get him back in the good graces of audience has yet to be seen, but it would be nice to see him back on top.

2. Steve Martin

He’s been active on and off throughout the years but he’s never really seemed to capture the glory of a career that saw him interact with some of the most famous people in the business back in the day. At this point his career is best viewed from the highlights of his life, but there’s nothing to say that he couldn’t come back and be every bit as good as he was before. His style of comedy is kind of dry and hard to pick up on sometimes but it’s still great when he really gets going since he’s one of the classics that we don’t want to see go away just yet.

1. Rick Moranis

This is perhaps the only actor/comedian on this list that there might never be a chance of seeing again unless he has a complete change of heart. Rick Moranis quit the business after his wife passed away to spend more time with his kids, which is a wise and very good choice. Perhaps once his kids are grown he might take a chance at coming back, but until that time it seems like a big no-go.

It would be great, but it’s just not likely.

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