Five Actors Who Could Play Kellyanne Conway in a Movie

Five Actors Who Could Play Kellyanne Conway in a Movie

Five Actors Who Could Play Kellyanne Conway in a Movie

Sometimes playing a real person can be a bit of a challenge. One has to wonder if their portrayal of the person will be considered accurate, or if they are somehow insulting the actual person by saying or doing something in the wrong way. Most actors wouldn’t think twice about taking up such a role, but in the case of Kellyanne Conway it seems pertinent to really perform the amount of research and even take the time to get to know the woman considering that she is connected to the current POTUS and might not be the best person to offend with a lackluster performance. This is why anyone that took on the role should definitely come with experience and a sense of style that can do some justice to the part.

Here are our picks for five actors who could play Kellyanne Conway in a movie:

Gwyneth Paltrow

She might not be the perfect fit in terms of looks and face type, but her acting chops are well within the range needed to pull this role off. Paltrow has played, serious, comedic, and dramatic throughout her time in Hollywood, and has shown that she can pull off very different roles throughout the years. It might take a little more makeup to make this believable, but it is possible.

Ellen Barkin

Barkin has the attitude in the eyes, the facial expressions, and the body language that would make this role perfect for her. It might have been a while since anyone saw her with long hair, but she’s been able to pull it off before and there’s no doubt she could do it again. If her role on Animal Kingdom hasn’t convinced anyone that she can in fact act tough, then people ought to flip the channel once in a while.

Meg Ryan

Despite not being seen in the spotlight for some time, Meg Ryan can still turn heads, and her acting skills are still top notch. She has the right look to play Conway, and can rock the look without fault. Whether she would want to come back for such a role however is always in question.

Uma Thurman

In every role she seems to change just a little, as though adapting for the part so that she’ll fit it without question. From her time as Mia in Pulp Fiction to her role in Be Cool she seems to mold herself to each and every character. There’s nothing to say that she couldn’t do the same for this role. Thurman is definitely one of the few women that can conform to almost any role she decides to portray.

Cate Blanchett

Blanchett is another actress that can take on the personality of the role she’s cast into. Look at her performance in The Gift versus of Galadriel in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies and you’ll easily be able to see that she can hit her mark without fault.


Each actress chosen exhibits some quality that seems to fit with Conway’s person, while their acting talents are all well-honed and more than up to the challenge presented. No matter which woman was selected for such a part they would rock it with ease.

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