Fine, We’ll Share the International Power Rangers Trailer

Fine, We’ll Share the International Power Rangers Trailer

Fine, We’ll Share the International Power Rangers Trailer

I tried for as long as I could to avoid sharing this International Power Rangers trailer with you.  I need to explain myself.  There are a ton of movies that I’m just not convinced are going to be great.  Power Rangers is one of them.  I have every reason to believe this.  The main reason is that Power Rangers has never been successful on the big screen, so why should it a month from now? I mean I get all the hype.  I see how a darker approach might work, but I’ve seen just too many of these fail.

However, I then realized that this is an entertainment site concentrating mostly on television and movies.  So when you get down to it, if I didn’t share this Power Rangers trailer I wouldn’t be doing my job and I’d be doing you guys a disservice.  Still though, I have zero confidence in this movie.

But who am I to dissuade people from watching this?  If fact, I want people to see this movie to prove me wrong.  I just don’t have that “I don’t care what people say, I’m seeing it” attitude about this film.  I’ll let you guys be the judge and we’ll leave it at that.   One thing I will say is this:

The new international trailer is full of all kinds of action and mayhem and giant robot animals fighting giant monsters, so that’s kind of cool.

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