Our Favorite TV Couples of the 2000s

TV Couples of 2000's

Valentine’s Day may be over, but love is still in the air here at TVOvermind. You may have checked out our other articles that showcased our favorite TV couples from the 1980s and the 1990s. Some of those classic couples that were discussed included Chandler and Monica from Friends, Zack and Kelly from Saved by the Bell, and Cliff and Clair Huxtable from The Cosby Show. This week, we are going to examine the best TV couples from the 2000s. We had a lot of television to sift through to find couples worthy of mentioning in this article. However, we think we have found four couples that you will agree made the 2000s one of the best decades for TV couples. The four couples included on this list come from both comedic and dramatic television shows and feature two high school students, two doctors, and an office romance that even Human Resources could not help but fully support. Here is a look at the best couples from the first decade of the 2000s. Check back to the website soon to see who we voted as the best TV couples from the 2010s.

Seth Cohen and Summer Roberts from The O.C.

Seth Cohen was always in love with Summer Roberts. However, she had no idea who he was due to his lack of popularity. Halfway through the first season of The O.C. all that would change when Summer would come to the realization that she liked Seth Cohen. He and Anna would end up breaking things off because she knew he still had feelings for Summer. By Season 2, the pair would be broken up after Seth decided to sail his boat off to Washington. Luckily, the two would rekindle their relationship before they would graduate from high school. Summer would leave the beaches and sun of California behind to travel to Rhode Island and attend college at the prestigious Brown University. Seth knew he could never be that far away from his true love so he decided to go to the Rhode Island School of Design and focus on a career in Art. However, when Summer got approached to travel and work as an activist, somehow that had become her newfound passion, Seth was not only able to accept but embrace it, as she told him that he was her destiny and he replied, “Go save the world, Summer Roberts.” Seth and Summer got married in the series finale of The O.C. and we can only believe that the two are still living happily ever after.

Jim and Pam Halpert from The Office

Jim and Pam were not a couple when The Office first premiered in 2005. Pam was dating Roy, who worked in the warehouse at Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. Pam was the receptionist there, while Jim worked in sales. Jim would spend his days playing jokes on Dwight and also secretly pining over Pam. She would later break up with Roy and realize she liked Jim. However, by this time he was with Karen. The two finally became one of our favorite TV couples by season four. The two would have a long distance relationship due to Pam venturing off to art school. That would not stop Jim from putting together one of the most thoughtful proposals on TV. By the end of season five, the couple would find out they were expecting a child. The following season, Jim and Pam would seal the deal and get married in Niagara Falls with their co-workers in attendance. The two once again had to deal with a long distance relationship when Jim got a job in Philadelphia. This almost broke the two up, but they were able to power through and continue to be one of the most remarkable TV couples of the 2000s.

Derek Shepherd and Meredith Grey from Grey’s Anatomy

Who knew a drunken night of fun would turn into one of the most tumultuous relationships on television. This is exactly what happened with Dr. Derek Shepherd and Dr. Meredith Grey. The two thought what they had would be just a one night thing, but it turned into a long lasting relationship and made them become one of the greatest TV couples of the 2000s. Meredith Grey’s first day at work at Seattle Grace Hospital was quite exciting after she bumped into Derek, who was employed their as a Neurosurgeon. The two decided to continue their relationship, but that would come to a startling halt when Dr. Addison Shepherd would show up and let Meredith know that she was sleeping with a married man. Derek and Addison tried to make things work, but Derek’s heart was always with Meredith. Derek and Meredith got “married” by signing a post-it note, but would eventually make things official. The two now have an adoptive daughter and a biological son. They recently have experienced some hardships in their relationship, but fans of the show know they are destined to be together forever.

Marshall Eriksen and Lily Aldrin from How I Met Your Mother

I have recently been watching season one of How I Met Your Mother. I forgot how cute Marshall Eriksen and Lily Aldrin were right from the very beginning of the series that premiered in 2005. They are one of the few recent TV couples that actually stayed together during the entire run of the series they were on in the 2000s. Though, there was that brief period where the two called it quits when Lily decided to move to California and left Marshall in New York. Viewers were excited when the two reconciled and later married. All the while, Lily had to put up with living with Marshall’s best friend Ted, something not every girlfriend would enjoy. Their love continued to thrive as they welcomed a son and then a daughter. Their relationship was tested when Lily had the chance of a lifetime to go to Italy to focus on her art career. At the same time Marshall was offered a judgeship, which is something he had wanted for years. He decided to wait on his dream to come true, so his wife could finally achieve hers. The flashbacks in the series finale proved everything works out for one of our favorite TV couples of the 2000s.

Who was one of your favorite TV couples from the first decade of the 2000s? Let us know in the comments section below.

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