Fans Excited over Back to the Future Marty and Doc Reunion at Comic-Con

Fans Excited over Back to the Future Marty and Doc Reunion at Comic-Con

The emotional reunion of Marty McFly and Doc Emmet Brown could have been more awesome only if they had come through time with their legendary DeLorean. The crowd cheered, and Twitter exploded as the video from New York ComicCon became viral.

The movie stars who played iconic characters, 61-year-old Michael J Fox and 83-year-old Christopher Lloyd, took the stage at the Back to the Future panel on Comic Con and relived some moments from shooting the trilogy.

Michael was not the original Marty McFly

One of the much-anticipated panel topics was how Eric Stoltz originally played Marty McFly’s character. However, some six weeks into shooting, the crew announced the leading role change to Michael J Fox, and as the cliché says, the rest is history.

Fox and Lloyd hit it off from the get-go, and the chemistry between the two was incredible, creating one of the sci-fi comedy ultimate classics along the way.

Michael J. Fox was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 1991 at 29 years, making his acting career challenging. However, Fox never quit acting and spoke about those issues multiple times. Earlier this year, Michael J. Fox said on the Working it Out podcast that he had trouble remembering the lines while filming The Good Fight movie. While acting and playing guitar is increasingly demanding for Fox, he doesn’t have problems with writing and enjoys it immensely.

His Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research has raised over $1 billion since 2000, another massive accomplishment from Fox.

Viral hug

Fans Excited over Back to the Future Marty and Doc Reunion at Comic-Con

Credit: @mrchristopherlloyd

Christopher Lloyd shared the emotional hug with Fox on his Instagram Stories. During the panel, the mad scientists that became role models for Rick and Morty animated show remembered the incredible chemistry that started with the first scene and lasted throughout the two sequels.

Michael J Fox reiterated those emotions, said he fed Lloyd energy and knew it would be a good day when he worked with Doc.

Social Media Praise

Social media reactions were also emotional. One of the users tweeted: “Not all heroes wear capes. I have three gens of Parkinson’s in my fam, and the internal self-consciousness and external stigma are real. However, Michael J. Fox is a hero. This brought tears of joy to my eyes.”

Other posts praised the actors as one of the greatest duos in movie history. Another post proclaimed Marty McFly as the most extraordinary teenager in cinema.

A Short History of Back to the Future

Thirty-seven years ago, a journey to arguably the greatest sci-fi comedy began when Doc Emmet Brown invented the Flux capacitor, a core component of his time-traveling DeLorean machine. After the script was rejected 40 times, Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale finally got the green light to film Back to the Future, which was released in 1985.

Fans Excited over Back to the Future Marty and Doc Reunion at Comic-Con

Credit: @realmikejfox

The critical and commercial success of the highest-grossing movie of 1985 enabled creators to produce two sequels. After Marty returns to 1955 and fiddles with their parent’s meeting, tthe duo traveled to 2015 and then back to 1955 to restore the timeline after Biff Tannen exploited time travel to create colossal wealth and disturb the McFly family’s future. In addition, the movie got a considerable boost in visual effects from renowned Industrial Light & Magic. Although successful at the box office, the Back to the Future sequel got fewer critic and viewer praise.

A star-studded cast gathered for the third part of the trilogy. The movie returned to more comic elements and was set in Wild West. Back to the Future III captured the sentiment of the original much better than the second movie and once again got high grades from critics, audience and it reflected in the box office success. The movie was the sixth higher-grossing movie of 1990. The story follows Marty McFly, that goes back to 1885 to save Doc’s life. The dynamic duo fights with Biff Tannen’s great-grandfather, the romantic story around Doc and Clara Clayton, and a new way to push the DeLorean to its 88 miles per hour speed with a steam locomotive.

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