The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Emotions Are Running High

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Emotions Are Running High

The Bold and the Beautiful fans didn’t really think there was a chance that Wyatt and Katie would work out, but we did enjoy seeing them together. When it comes to the two of them, they’re like the ugly ducklings who always get everything second. They both have siblings who get what they want, take what they want, and never worry about things like consequences. And that’s a rough life to be in. But they didn’t work. She broke up with him, and they are not surprised things did not work out for them. But we are not going to lie and tell you we are shocked how fast Katie is going to move on. She’s already been asked out by Thorne, and we think that will go fast. They are already in a situation that makes them close, so this might happen soon.

Brooke and Hope met the baby. They are already in love with her, but it was very nice to see them both have a sit-down and heart-to-heart with Steffy. We are not certain they will make any real amends once the drama wears off, but we are certain they might make it a point to see if things will improve in another manner. They do have a lot to learn, but they did have a moment with her that might make them seem a little more harmless. Could this improve the way things are going with Ridge and Brooke, as well? We don’t know, and we aren’t certain, but we do know that they might have a chance if they can put their faith in their marriage and work this out with one another.

What’s Happening on the Bold and the Beautiful

There’s a lot going on around here, but we hear that most fans are just looking for a reason to get excited about Thorne and Katie. Though we hesitate to do the naming thing, there is a Twiter situation in which they are looking for a new name for this potential new couple. We have to ask ourselves whether or not we are on board for this, and we just don’t know how we feel. As fans, do you have any cute name suggestions? Kathorne? Thork? Thatie. Korne? Actually, we don’t hate that last one at all.

What’s Next on the Bold and the Beautiful

So, it turns out this is a big day. We all know that Liam cannot, for whatever reason, do life alone. He cannot just date a girl and spend some time with her and work on things and make it work for them. He has to be engaged and quickly married to all women he decides are worth his time, and we hear that there is a chance he is going to ask Steffy to marry him today. That’s right, fans, he is going to marry Steffy for a fourth time. Of course, that’s if she says yes. These two are young, and this will be their fourth engagement and marriage. They’ve both been married to someone else, too. It’s really quite sad how they work with one another like this, but maybe they will work this time.

Or maybe they won’t. But we also know that there is a lot that might happen outside of this. WE know that Sally is back today, too, and we’ve all been pretty excited about this. She will run into Wyatt, and we have to ask ourselves if this means they might just be the next thing that comes out of this story line. She’s back, and that means things probably did not work out with Thomas — surprise — and maybe she’s in the market for something new and exciting. And we do kind of hope that means that Wyatt will have a chance at finding someone for himself. He’s always so alone, and he could use someone with a lot of spark and a big personality like Sally Spectra. We are on board for this one, and we hope it works for them.

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