Don’t Rule Out a Kill Bill 3 From Quentin Tarantino

Don’t Rule Out a Kill Bill 3 From Quentin Tarantino

Some folks might have already ruled out a Kill Bill vol. 3 quite a while ago since it would seem that Beatrix has taken care of just about everyone that she had an issue with, though of course there are a couple that were left in her wake that could, in Tarantino-like fashion, come back with a raging inferno of hatred and try to harm Beatrix in some way. Keep in mind that there are a few factors working against this, such as the fact that Tarantino did manage to get everyone on board with the idea that he might be retiring after his 10th movie since he doesn’t want to outstay his welcome in Hollywood and start making subpar movies. Seriously, that seems to be the reason he wants to retire, and it might sound a bit egotistical since it could be taken to indicate that some directors are past their prime and might need to consider packing it in instead of continuing to make clunkers now and again. Or it could be taken as he doesn’t have a lot of faith in his storytelling abilities past a tenth movie, but that doesn’t seem right in the least bit. Quentin has never really disappointed when it came to delivering a great movie that a lot of people loved. But let’s get back to the idea of a Kill Bill vol. 3. Just what might happen?

Let’s be honest here for a moment, it does seem, as Kevin Burwick of MovieWeb points out, that Quentin thinks he’s given all he can to Hollywood, but there are a lot of people that would gladly disagree. His desire to simply go write books and for the theater seems to indicate that he might want to slow down for a bit, and that’s just fine. But if anyone knows anything about writers, directors, and anyone who has those creative juices that tend to flow on their own time, it’s kind of impossible to escape and idea if it gets in your head and sticks there. What this means is that there’s a good chance that even if he does retire after his 10th movie it’s likely that he’ll come back if the idea to create this movie doesn’t fade. It’s amazing to think that he and Uma Thurman have been talking about it since they were feuding a while back about the injuries she sustained during a stunt that went wrong during Kill Bill vol. 2. It would seem at that point that she had no interest in working with him again, but apparently they’ve buried the hatchet so to speak and have perhaps come to an agreement that they could in fact make it work if this was a desired project.

Matt Goldberg of Collider is obviously thinking along the same lines as a lot of people when he mentions Nikki, the daughter of Vernita Green, whose mother Beatrix ended up killing in the first movie. That leaves one big idea for revenge, but another would be Sofie, who was left maimed and largely thought to be out of the story, but could come back considering that she has resources and no doubt wants her own brand of revenge. How it would happen is anyone’s guess, but the whole idea of revenge is what the story has been built upon since it first appeared on the big screen, and switching tactics wouldn’t be the best idea since it would likely detract from the whole thing. Plus, considering that Beatrix was an assassin for a while it’s likely that there are others that would be gunning for her after a while since she despite having a conscience she was still following Bill’s lead for a while, and likely took out a few people that left behind those that could carry on their legacy in some way. Let’s face it, there’s not a lot of hope, as far as we’ve seen, that anyone will weep for Budd, Elle, or O-ren. Beatrix cried her tears for Bill, and Vernita’s death might cause a vendetta to occur, but there’s a great deal of potential for many possible enemies to emerge since being an assassin doesn’t normally mean that you have an abundance of trustworthy friends.

At this moment it’s all talk it would seem since nothing is being pushed forward and nothing seems to be happening, but a lot of people, after getting wind of the idea, are already stating that they’d love to see it and would likely have a great deal of input if anyone happened to be willing to listen. How this would fit in with Quentin’s supposed retirement is hard to say, but it does seem to indicate that he wouldn’t stay retired for long, if he still decides to walk down that path. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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