Did You Know that COPS is Secretly Filming Episodes?

Did You Know that COPS is Secretly Filming Episodes?

Did You Know that COPS is Secretly Filming Episodes?

Just because you don’t see them doesn’t mean there aren’t any episodes still being filmed, since COPS, which was canceled not too long ago, is still up and running, but the episodes won’t be aired in the US. People shouldn’t have much trouble reasoning why this is since there are plenty of folks that would no doubt storm the studio responsible or take their case even higher, blocking up roadways and engaging in what they call ‘peaceful’ protests as they continue launch verbal and physical abuse at the men and women in uniform that make a commitment to protect the people, including those that want to see them defunded or abolished in some instances. The show’s commitments to other interested parties is a big reason, as it’s said, that they’re still filming, but one can only guess that episodes will make their way to the US eventually and people will flip out or find some way to justify another dozen protests over the ‘lie’ that COPS was in fact canceled. It’s not a lie to be fair, since the show isn’t being featured in the US, but new episodes are still taking place. It’s still amazing to think that people called for the cancelation of this show and didn’t outright riot over the fact that there are so many other police shows on TV.

Of course, showing fictional shows that people might be able to stomach and something that’s real, and yet still focuses on crimes committed by people of all color and gender, feels a bit odd and awkward since people see what they want to see, not what’s actually there. This argument could be made in many different ways and could also be valid in more than one way since the rioters and looters that have been around for months, still saying ‘say their names’ in reference to those that have been shot or killed or assaulted by the police, appear to have forgotten what they were protesting for in the first place. How sad is that? The reason for the protest has been all but lost as ‘justice’ has gone from calling for the removal of the officers in the cases of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, to looting and rioting and calling it ‘reparations’. There’s been a wealth of material for the show, from the issues going on in New York, Seattle, and Portland, but it’s likely that if COPS had been filming in any of those areas, especially in Kenosha or Portland, they might have found themselves on the wrong side of a BLM or Antifa riot that wouldn’t have gone in their favor. But if one has been paying attention throughout the years it’s likely that the studio had no intention of traveling to any of these cities since the mess between law enforcement and the people was simply too much, and couldn’t focus on the job that the police were supposed to be doing, rather than the fact that they were simply trying to survive the mob.

How people are going to react once they realize that COPS is still up and running could be interesting since it doesn’t take much to rile folks up these days, and finding out that the show that they believed had been canceled is in fact still filming and broadcasting to other countries could be enough to get their attention to turn in a different direction. At the moment those that have been seeking to defund and even abolish the police in some areas have been seen to cause as much trouble as possible for citizens and businesses, and this is without the idea that the show is still on the air. But this might be enough to get them headed in the direction of the studio that dared to keep the show on after stating that it was canceled entirely. It’s a hope that such a thing wouldn’t happen of course, but these days it’s hard to say what’s going to tip the mood of the mob since it doesn’t take much and it’s likely that once it happens that things are only going to get worse. The anti-police sentiment has been growing steadily in the US, which is fairly terrifying really since the notion that we can’t trust the police, which is about as false as it can get, is asking for paranoia to grow into something that could resemble outright panic and mistrust after a while, as it’s already gripped some people.

How much longer COPS might be on the air is hard to say since if you’re keeping track, those that want to impose their will on others aren’t too patient when it comes to finding out that something they don’t agree with is going on behind their backs. Hopefully, that won’t matter though, since if it’s not being broadcast in the US, then why would they care? Don’t worry, it’s a rhetorical question.

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