Days of Our Lives: Kayla Blames Steve

Days of Our Lives: Kayla Blames Steve

Days of Our Lives: Kayla Blames Steve

Days of Our Lives fans haven’t forgotten about Joey. Kayla is a mess right now, and she’s handling things very well. Her beloved son is in jail, and that is not the place any mother wants to see her child. But that’s how it works sometimes, and things just don’t look good. She’s lost, and Steve is busy doing what he does to keep his mind off of things, and now she has no one to talk to. We hear that Kayla is going to open up to Valerie at the hospital.

She’s going to open up about the fact that her marriage is in trouble. She doesn’t want to blame Steve for what happened, but she does. It is her opinion that this is the fault of her husband. She feels like he started this thing with the affair he had with Ava, and then their son fell for her, and then she kidnapped and tried to kill Kayla, and then their son killed her.

And then her life was in danger, a new son was added to the mix, her life was turned upside down and then Joey’s was. She’s feeling this is all Steve’s fault, and she knows this means bad things for their brand-new marriage. Can she overcome what is bothering and stop blaming him? She knows it’s wrong, but she can’t seem to help how she feels right now as she misses her son and worries so much about him and his situation.

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