10 Things You Didn’t Know about Danielle Campbell

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Danielle Campbell

Having gotten started as an actor back in 2007 you might have thought that Danielle Campbell might have racked up an impressive array of roles in both movies and films, but it would appear that she’s still working on her career at the present day and is trying to make it into something that might be noticed further on down the line. So far she’s done a great job in the roles she’s been given and has gained the attention of many fans that happen to think she’s a big star already. There’s no debating that as her career has taken her to some interesting places already and, considering that she’s still fairly young, she’s only 23 after all, she has a chance to create a stellar career in the years to come if she so desires. The path that actors take are not always those that their fans believe they should, but in keeping with the idea that people do what makes them happy there are a number of different ways that Danielle could go with her career.

With that in mind here are a few things you probably didn’t know about her.

10. She wears wigs for her part on The Originals.

It’s hard to think that she’s not wearing her natural look when she’s playing the part of Davina, but apparently Danielle wears wigs when she’s playing on The Originals. The great thing about it is that you can’t really tell and to be honest it looks like her natural hair unless you know better. It’s not really understood why she would wear a wig but perhaps she doesn’t have the right hair type or look to go without.

9. Danielle was discovered in a hair salon.

When she was 10 years old she was discovered in a hair salon in Chicago. It’s not really certain who discovered her or why they thought she was perfect to go into television, but the idea stuck and not too long after she had her first acting role. Since then it’s been full ahead and no stop for the most part, though Danielle seems to have taken some time here and there, perhaps to keep from being over-stressed.

8. She’s into surfing.

It’s always good to have a hobby to calm yourself down and give yourself a break when it’s needed. Danielle is apparently pretty good and has become an accomplished surfer in her time.

7. Her first acting role was as a guest on Prison Break.

She played on the show for five episodes and had the role of a young girl that was abducted and held by a sexual predator. This seems like a traumatizing role for a kid but apparently things went well since she’s still acting and hasn’t discussed much about it. Something tells me that producers are very careful with kids in such situations no matter that it’s all acting.

6. She was on the Disney Channel for a brief period.

Danielle had a part in a movie titled Starstruck. The plot of the film was about her character falling in love with a celebrity, which is kind of foretelling really since in real life she did fall for popstar at one point.


5. Her filmography is still pretty modest.

She hasn’t done a whole lot but she hasn’t been entirely idle either. As I mentioned up above it could be that she felt the need to be a kid, which is important, and to live with as little stress as possible. Too many child stars have burned out simply because they were pushed, and pushed, and then pushed some more until it was apparent that they could no longer take the stress. Several lives have been ruined in that way, but Danielle looks as though she’s still coasting along just fine.

4. She has three million followers on Instagram.

In the era of social media it seems that the more followers you have the more that people tend to remember who you are. It’s a lot different from back in the day when you had to have a list of phone numbers and contact data to keep up with people. Now you just take a picture and upload it to the internet and people either flock to you or leave you alone. I know there’s more to it than that but three million people following what she does is quite a few people.

3. She had a relationship with one of the guys from One Direction for a little while.

For about a year she dated Louis Tomlinson from One Direction, but after 2016 it seems like they called it quits and went their own separate ways. Back then people didn’t really know who she was. Now however her level of fame seems to have eclipsed Louis’.

2. Danielle starred in a Build a Bear commercial.

If you’ve never been to Build A Bear before it’s pretty neat really. You can pick out your own accessories for your bear, clothing, and then watch them get stuffed.

1. She’s a big animal lover.

It doesn’t seem to matter what kind of animal it is she’s a big fan of animals big and small.

So now you know a little more about her, and hopefully she’ll stick around for a while.

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