10 Things You Didn’t Know about the Show “Covert Affairs”

10 Things You Didn’t Know about the Show “Covert Affairs”

10 Things You Didn’t Know about the Show “Covert Affairs”

Covert Affairs was a television show that aired on USA Network starting in 2010 starring Piper Perabo and Christopher Gorham. The show lasted for five seasons and many fans were actually expecting to see it for a sixth season when the show was abruptly cancelled due in part to falling ratings. There was also some discussion that the network just wanted to go in a slightly different direction with its programming and Covert Affairs didn’t fit into its new design.

If you’re a dedicated fan of the show, there’s a lot that you might already know about it but for the most part, there are some unique things you might not know, especially if you’re a more casual fan. Check out the 10 things about the show listed below that you might find interesting.

1. The show was filmed in Toronto

This simply follows the trend of a lot of other television shows. In fact, there has been a rather large movement over the last several years that has seen more and more series filming in this city as opposed to other locations that were once considered dominant. Without a doubt, everything isn’t filmed only in Los Angeles any longer. This opens up possibilities for other areas to become filming hot spots, which is exactly what Toronto has become in its own right.

2. The main cast members were in all 75 episodes

Nothing can potentially damage a show more than changing major cast members right in the middle of things. Fortunately, that didn’t happen with this show. As far as the major cast members go, the same ones who were there for the first episode were also there for the last one.

3. The theme song is one you might recognize

The song is entitled Can You Save Me. It’s a song that actually became quite popular with fans, as it was directly associated with the series that so many people had come to love. In addition, the series had the same theme song for the duration of its five seasons on the air.

4. The cast didn’t know the show was coming to an end

It’s unfortunate in a way when this happens. The cast thought they were merely filming the end of a season, not the end of the show. Therefore, they never had the chance to tie up any loose ends or bring certain aspects of the show together in order to create a more meaningful story. Of course, fans of the show would also have liked the opportunity to see where things could go, had the show been given the chance to do a proper series finale. As it is, no one will ever know just how things could have ended if anyone involved had known they would only get five seasons.

5. It was the only show of its kind not renewed by USA that season

People still wonder why the show wasn’t renewed. It’s ratings may not have been as good as they were during its first couple of seasons, but they weren’t that bad. As it turns out, the network picked up every other hour long show it was doing at the time, choosing only Covert Affairs to be cancelled. This is something that fans still have not necessarily come to terms with, as they simply didn’t see a good reason for the network’s decision.

6. Fans can only imagine where the story might have gone

Since the story never really got finished in the minds of the fans, many of them are left to imagine what might have been. In fact, some of them have even taken their frustration to fanfiction, effectively taking the series wherever that particular writer wants it to go.

7. The show was expensive to produce

According to the network, the main reason the show wasn’t picked up for a sixth season is because it was just too expensive to produce. However, the network didn’t exactly go into detail here. This left a lot of people wondering why that particular show was so much more expensive to produce than the myriad of other shows the network was airing at the time.

8. The cast really enjoyed working on the show

By all accounts, the cast seemed to enjoy working together and they enjoyed the show as a whole. None of them were expecting the show to be cancelled when it was, and they regretted not having the chance to at least one more season together.

9. Fans keep hoping for a reboot

The most dedicated fans are not about to give up on the show, especially with all the reboots that are going on in show business right now. Who knows, they might get their wish one day.

10. The first three seasons are available on DVD

If you just can’t get enough of the show, you can relive the first three seasons on DVD. There’s no reason that the last two seasons won’t eventually be released as well, although there isn’t a concrete date at this time.

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