Could Rebecca Romijn Be a Future RHOBH?

Could Rebecca Romijn Be a Future RHOBH?
Could Rebecca Romijn Be a Future RHOBH?

Credit: @rebeccaromijn

When Rebecca Romijn was growing up, she didn’t have a clue she’d become a famous model, a famous actress, and eventually go on to marry two of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities, yet here she is. She’s a true beauty from the inside out – a woman with a stellar reputation for being kind and easy to work with (not always easy in Hollywood). She and her husband recently appeared on an episode of Andy Cohen’s “Watch What Happens Live,” to discuss her future. Her own husband, Jerry O’Connell, had a proposition for the Bravo host, and it has everything to do with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It’s not the only Real Housewives story her name has been attached to lately, either.

Modeling and the Big Leagues and Her Personal Life

When Rebecca Romijn was only 22, she was working the catwalk at a Victoria’s Secret Fashion show. It was 1994, and she was the hottest thing in the modeling industry. John Stamos was the hottest thing on television (hello, Uncle Jesse). The two met, they hit it off, and they were engaged on Christmas Eve of 1997. Only nine months later, the couple exchanged vows at their fairytale wedding. Many little girls dream of getting married at the Beverly Hills Hotels (like the west coast version of getting married in New York City’s Plaza Hotel). It was a dream. They were beautiful, famous, and in love. What could be better?

Could Rebecca Romijn Be a Future RHOBH?

Credit: @rebeccaromijn

Six years later, however, the couple was separated. A year later, in 2005, their marriage ended in divorce. However, at some point in 2004, during her separation, she met actor Jerry O’Connell, and the two became close. They dated for a year. He asked her to be his wife months after her divorce was finalized in 2005, and they exchanged vows in 2007. She married him in California, too, but this time in their own home. A year later, the couple welcomed their twin daughters.

Throughout all of that, she continued to model, but she also worked her way into the acting business. She landed major roles in shows such as Ugly Betty, and she became part of the X-Men trilogy. She made it big, and her personal life was following along with her professional life.

Does Rebecca Romijn Want to Be a Real Housewife?

When you marry a comedian, he says funny things. The two recently appeared alongside Andy Cohen on WWHL, and Jerry O’Connell had some funny stuff to say. “I’m actually here to talk to Andy tonight about possibly an open seat on the Beverly Hills Housewives,” he said before asking the camera to zoom in on his beautiful wife. “Let’s get a shot of the possible future of Beverly Hills,” he laughed.

While Rebecca Romijn laughed at her husband’s jokes as did Andy Cohen, we don’t see any real desire to become a housewife on her part. She loves the show, and she loves some of the women on the show who she knows personally. Lisa Rinna, for instance, is a friend, though she did have something to say about her friend and her recent storyline. “I think she is a very, very solid cast member. And I sometimes can’t tell if she’s exaggerating certain things like I don’t know about the Kathy Hilton meltdown and her take on that. I love Lisa Rinna so much. And I know her personally. But sometimes I can’t assess her take on certain things. But I do think she’s a solid, solid, solid cast member. I adore her,” she said about the recent drama surrounding her friend.

Could Rebecca Romijn Be a Future RHOBH?

Credit: @rebeccaromijn

Lisa Rinna Responds to Rebecca Romijn

The thing about Lisa is that when she’s mad, she’s mad. However, this comment didn’t seem to affect her too much. She didn’t have much to say about it, but here is what she sent online after Romijn’s comment. “Good or bad, my mom always said as long as they spell your name right, it’s all good. Everybody’s talking about me; what can I say? Lol,” before adding, “And btw I tell the truth I always have; I don’t lie. You guys know that.” Of course, Romijn didn’t call her a liar. She simply said that she can’t always tell when Rinna is exaggerating.Jerry O’Connell

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