This is the Coolest Penalty Shot I’ve Seen in Any Sport Ever

This is the Coolest Penalty Shot I’ve Seen in Any Sport Ever

Most of us played handball as children in our gym classes.  I always found it to be one of my favorite games to play but I never took it seriously like the major sports out there.  When you’re a kid you dream of being a pro basketball player or Major League All-Star or an NFL quarterback.  You might dream of being the next Wayne Gretzsky or Roger Federer or Pele.  If there’s one dream children don’t share it’s being the next Hans Flurgenberg in handball.  And yes, I made up that name.

But handball is serious business.  It’s a fantastic sport globally and I wish more people would watch it.  Like soccer and hockey, handball has the penalty shot.   The person shooting the penalty shot stands relatively close to the goal but they’re not allowed to leave their feet when they take their shot.

Below you are going to see what is easily the coolest penalty shot in handball history.  But I will argue this is probably one of the best penalty shots in any sport ever.  Seriously, how slick is this?  I just wish a clip like this would wind up on Sports Center sometime.  Even the goalie had to clap at how tricked he got here.  Impressive.

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