The Coolest and Most Obscure Crossovers In Film

The Coolest and Most Obscure Crossovers In Film

There have been a lot of cool crossover moments that have pitted some of the greatest and most iconic characters in movies with one another in various films that leaves them interconnected in a way that fans might not have expected but have enjoyed. Some of the more obscure ones however have escaped the notice of the people largely because they came from deleted scenes or were hidden so well that people just didn’t see them. You might call them Easter eggs or you could call them whatever you like, but the fact of the matter is that they somehow connect these movies in a way that’s hard to fully explain without thinking that the movies exist in the same universe somehow.

It makes you think, just don’t think too hard or you might miss it.

5. Caddyshack/Casper/Ghostbusters

In a deleted scene of Ghostbusters there’s a clip in which you can see someone that’s clearly Carl the Groundskeeper from Caddyshack walking down the street talking in his customary fashion. In Casper Dan Akroyd makes a brief cameo as he runs from the haunted house in his Ghostbusters getup. Now all of this might have just been for fun, but it definitely connected the movies in a very big way.

4. Alien/Blade Runner/Firefly/Prometheus/Soldier/Predator

Being that they’re all science fiction and as an unspoken rule that means that they could exist in different parts of the same universe, this could be very possible. The universe is a big place after all even with the type of space travel that’s available. Soldier was apparently an unofficial sequel to Blade Runner, while there’s an extra scene in the DVD version of Prometheus that describes how the use of androids blew up in the creator’s face. Going from that point forward you can see how in Firefly that the massive gun that was used bears the Weyland-Utani symbol, and since we know that Weyland-Utani is bound to the Alien franchise we also know that the Predator movies are included thanks to the trophy case in Predator 2.

3. All Pixar movies

There could be some argument here since Pixar movies do tend to show human characters and other figures that are not functional when humans are around. Some films could be independent of each other but there is still a theory that they exist in the same universe but on different levels of existence perhaps. At that point though it starts sounding like a PG version of the Dark Tower really.

2. Rango/Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Considering the fact that the lead characters in the Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas were on such a massive trip the entire story of Rango could have been something that was taking place during the movie and no one would have noticed. If you can recall, Rango was tripping out pretty hard at one point in the movie as well, so there’s a lot of overlap between the two.

1. Split/Unbreakable

This one doesn’t seem so obscure but it could be that a lot of people didn’t see either movie or saw one and not the other. But there is a distinct connection and it’s going to come to a culmination eventually when the next film comes out.

It’s fun to watch characters from other movies interact or just show up without warning.

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