It Sounds Like Season 6 of Cobra Kai Will be the Last

It Sounds Like Season 6 of Cobra Kai Will be the Last

cobra kai season 6

It sounds like season 6 of Cobra Kai will be the last. Fans don’t want to hear this, but looking over the past five seasons, it’s easy to think that the story needs to find a satisfying end. It’s very easy to look back at season 5 as a fitting endgame. But it’s fair to say there are a couple of loose ends to wrap up. 

As shown at the end of the episode, John Kreese, portrayed by Martin Kove, managed to escape. There’s no telling what kind of mood he will be in. Then there’s Terry Silver, who was discredited and arrested after a brutal fight with Chozen, then Daniel. It feels safe to say that an endgame has already been reached. 

But the future of Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang karate doesn’t feel secure just yet. The group unity has been formed thanks to Johnny, Daniel, and Chozen. But there’s still the problem of Cobra Kai and the serious blow it’s been dealt. 

There are a lot of theories to go with, especially after Kreese’s escape and Silver’s incarceration. Whether this will prompt Silver to go away or if he’ll come back for one last strike is uncertain. 

cobra kai season 6

Kreese could come back to take over 

It’s easy to think that Kreese won’t try to take over Cobra Kai right away. Cobra Kai might not even be the same when he returns. But it does feel that he might try to take his creation back or get back at those who took it from him. 

Without Silver to lash out at, Kreese could go after Johnny and Daniel or cause more damage in some way. In any case, it doesn’t feel that Kreese is done yet. What kind of damage he could do when arriving back on the scene is hard to say. The cops would undoubtedly be after him, and Silver’s resources might be enough to put him back in the game. 

Those are just theories at this time since they would bring the last few elements of the larger story to a close. But some possibilities could spur on a few other ideas. 

The question of whether Silver is really defeated is uncertain

This is the man that tortured Daniel when he was younger. He also has considerable resources, meaning he likely has lawyers and enough funding to strike back. But whether or not he will is a good question. After all, he was humiliated in front of his students, which could make him go either way.

He was evidently done with the whole mess before Kreese contacted him. But being drawn back into the fight made Silver snap in the way that only he could. In other words, he took up a fight that was decades old and upped the ante. It doesn’t feel that Silver will have that much to do with the coming season. But it does feel that he should still be involved. 

cobra kai season 6

Maybe Johnny will unify Cobra Kai and Eagle Fang

Miyagi-Doi doesn’t feel like it’s going anywhere, and it’s in good hands with Daniel. As for Eagle Fang and Cobra Kai, one has to wonder if both will survive or if one will have to go. Johnny might not want anything to do with Cobra Kai any longer. In fact, might be time for Cobra Kai to finally die. 

This is likely something fans don’t want to hear, but it feels right. Cobra Kai has endured for a while now, even if the idea was nearly dead at one point. It was brought back for a reason, corrupted, and defeated again. It does feel that Cobra Kai has served its purpose and should either merge with Eagle Fang or pass into history. 

Season 6 feels as though it’s going to explain a few more things and then settle the matter. That’s the best way to leave things, but other ideas could be brought to bear. 

There could be other spinoffs

There have been rumors of spinoffs for a while now since Cobra Kai started up. But who the story will follow and what will happen is uncertain. Miguel is one obvious choice, and Samantha is another. Who will actually gain their own spinoff is a good question, though? 

It does feel that Daniel and Johnny’s rivalry has finally been put to rest. Season 5 saw Daniel make peace with Mike Barnes, and Chozen becomes an even deeper character. Now that Johnny is going to be a father again, it feels as though life is settling as it should for the main characters. 


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