10 Things You Didn’t Know about Chrissie Fire Mane

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Chrissie Fire Mane

TBS’ new series, The Lost Resort, is bringing a different angle to the world of reality TV. Cast members on the show are all searching for ways to better themselves, and with the help of the show’s retreat leader, Chrissie Fine Mane, they will find just that. With more than 20 decades of experience working in the world of wellness, Chrissie definitely knows a thing or two about helping people through rough patches in their lives. Although she may be an unlikely reality TV star, she’s on the brink of stardom nonetheless. As the season continues, not only will the cast members learn a lot from Chrissie, but viewers will get some tips as well. Keep reading for 10 things you didn’t know about Chrissie Fire Mane.

1. She Released An Album

Self expression is a big part of healing, and it’s something that Chrissie takes very seriously. One of her favorite ways to express herself is through music. In 2016, she released her debut album called Mama’s Home. Her unique and soothing sound definitely provides a special kind of healing of its own.

2. She’s A Mom

Chrissie’s work is very important to her, but it’s not what’s at the very top of her priority list. She is the proud mother of two children and she is working hard to raise them in a world that often goes against everything she stands for. In an Instagram post, Chrissie said, “I have chosen strongly against allowing my children to be conditioned heavily by industrial growth society, one that is competitive and materialistic and entirely unsustainable. This means keeping them away from billboards, cities, mainstream media, toxics, consumerist advertising, celebrity, devices. I have taken them across oceans and up mountains to meet indigenous elders instead.”

3. Her Work Has Brought Her All Around The World

Being able to do something you genuinely love every single day seems like nothing more than a pipe dream to most people. However, for Chrissie, it’s reality. Chrissie has been leading retreats for the last 20 years, and as a result, she’s gotten to see some amazing places and help people from all over the world.

4. She Offers Online Courses

If after watching The Lost Resort you feel that you’d like to learn more from Chrissie, the good news is that you can do it without having to be on a TV show.  On top of the retreats she does, she also has online courses that are designed to help people practice and promote self love, positivity, and manifestation.

5. She’s From Australia

Even though she done a lot of traveling, Australia will always be home to Chrissie. Since she doesn’t share much about her personal life, we don’t know exactly where in Australia she’s from but it appears that she still lives there today and is based in an area called Bryon Bay.

6. She Has A Close Relationship With Her Dad

Family is an important part of Chrissie’s life and she has a very close relationship with her father. Recently, her father faced a battle with COVID/pneumonia, but it looks like he is doing much better now. In an Instagram post, Chrissie shared how much she loves him.

7. She Loves Hiking

Chrissie always felt a strong connection to nature. Even when she isn’t working, she likes to spend time outdoors enjoying the beauty of her surroundings. One of her favorite things to do is go hiking and exploring. Not only does this provide an opportunity for fresh air, but it’s also a great way for Chrissie to collect her thoughts.

8. She’s A Dog Person

As a person who loves and respects nature, it’s only right that Chrissie feel the same way about animals. She and her family recently got an adorable dog which they’ve decided to name Jupiter. Jupiter is an extra special addition to the family because he’s their first pet.

9. She Created A Supplement Line

In addition to everything else she does, Chrissie is also a business owner. She is the co-founder of a supplement line called MANA. According to the company’s website, “MANA Blend is a synergistic combination of 11 of the most potent powerfoods on the planet. Sourced from extremely pure environments under strict organic conditions, MANA delivers the very best nutrition available and provides you with an energy boost, packed with body-enriching goodness.”

10. She’s A Pink Floyd Fan

As someone who makes music of her own, it’s no surprise that Chrissie is also a big music fan. She is a big fan of Pink Floyd’s classic album, The Dark Side of the Moon. The 1973 album is widely considered one of the best of all time. It is responsible for hits like “Us and Them” and “Money”.

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