Chris Sarandon Weighs in On The Possibility of A Nightmare Before Christmas Sequel

credit: The Nightmare Before Christmas

It’s amazing to realize that it’s been nearly three decades since The Nightmare Before Christmas was brought to theaters by Tim Burton and the amazing cast that voiced the iconic characters. Back then, movies such as this were still being sold in large plastic cases that needed their own shelf because they didn’t fit with the other VHS tapes. It’s also easy to point out that most people would assume that this movie was meant to be a one-off and that it wouldn’t spawn any sequel that wasn’t concocted by the fans. But it would appear that a rumor has been spreading that it might be time to expect a sequel to this treasured kid’s movie. The star of the movie, who voiced the beloved character of Jack Skellington, has weighed in on this matter as well as he could, and according to Chris Sarandon, it doesn’t appear that anything is happening with this idea, though he’s fairly certain that if such a thing were to happen, there’s no guarantee that he would get the call to resume his former role. As of right now, it doesn’t appear that anything else has been said about this, but fans are notorious for stirring the gossip pot, which could mean that there is some hint of truth to such a rumor. 

credit: The Nightmare Before Christmas

A sequel probably should have happened quite a while ago

As mentioned, it’s been almost three decades since this movie came out, and had a sequel ever been on the way, it should have probably happened well before now. There’s a good guess why this never happened, and it does have to do with the fact that the movie was self-contained, as it had a satisfying ending that came after an entertaining and innovative story. It can be said that this type of story hadn’t been seen in this manner before, though one could go back to the various doors that were seen in the woods to try and determine another direction for a possible sequel. The downside of this, however, is the fact that the title might no longer be accurate since the link between Halloween and Christmas would no doubt be strained if another holiday was brought into the mix. 

One has to wonder in which direction a sequel would go

There might be a chance for another movie, but there’s no way to know if involving another holiday would be a good idea or if it would be a serious mistake. The initial movie was great because it took two holidays that stand in extreme opposition to each other and threw them together in a way that was bound to be comical in numerous ways. Thinking of whether this would work with other holidays is kind of tough due to the fact that many other holidays are not nearly as opposed to each other. Thanksgiving might be a possibility, but somehow this feels as though it would cause a great deal of drama, given that this holiday has been put on the block in recent years when the idea of cancel culture crops up. Given that it falls between Halloween and Christmas, this might be one of the only ideas that could really work. 

credit: The Nightmare Before Christmas

Some of the actors wouldn’t be likely to return

A few decades can make a big difference when it comes to a sequel, and this movie would prove that since there are a few voice actors that aren’t around any longer and were key to this movie. While Chris Sarandon and several others are still around and could take on their old roles, there are others, such as William Hickey, who have passed away or even retired from the business. Changing up the voice roles for certain characters would be awkward, but it does feel as though there’s a deep enough talent pool in Hollywood that might allow those same characters to remain with new actors taking on their roles. That is, of course, assuming that Tim Burton would be interested in coming up with an idea for this story. He’s been a busy man lately and has been making his way back to prominence, but it doesn’t appear as though he’s turned his attention to this idea. 

As of this writing, there are no concrete plans for the sequel

If a plan ever does emerge, it feels as though it might not go the way fans want, but if Tim Burton decides to continue this story, it will likely follow a direction that fans might not expect. Whether this can even happen after so long, or if it’s just a rumor, will hopefully be sorted out in the coming days. But the thought is an interesting one to entertain. 

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