10 Things You Didn’t Know About Cathy Evans

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Cathy Evans

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Cathy Evans

Cathy Evans is best known for being selected as a contestant on the television reality series “Married at First Sight.” This is a popular televised social experiment that follows the lives and drama of couples who are married the first time that they see one another, to see if they can make the union work out to progress to a real marriage. Fans of the show are interested in knowing everything that they can about her as the new season for 2020 gets into swing. Here are 10 things that you probably didn’t know about Cathy to become better acquainted with the new reality star.

1. Cathy has had heartbreak

We learned that Cathy has had a few negative experiences in her romantic relationships. Two of them were particularly damaging because her partners cheated on her, and those actions led to the end of each relationship. She shared that when it comes to love and romance, she has put up walls of protection and has since developed a thick and the two relationships left her with trust issues.

2. She is ready for something different

Cathy is entering the competition with hopes that she will find a different kind of partner than she has had in the past. She is looking for someone who will be faithful and loyal. She would like to be able to trust someone so she can let her guard down and love freely without having doubts about the person that she is with.

3. Cathy has endured emotional battery

When we delved into her past relationships, we learned that Cathy Evans has dated men who were bodybuilders. Some of them body-shamed her. This is a form of emotional battery but there are a lot of guys who don’t see it that way when they are giving women tips on obtaining a fit physique. She turned this into a positive by becoming extremely independent and the tough exterior that she developed has also helped her to be more immune to hurtful comments.

4. Cathy Evans looks different than she did before the show

You can compare old photos of Cathy to the ones that she has posted now and you will see a tremendous change. Prior to becoming involved in “Married At First Sight Australia,” she was heavier and had a different body shape. She was unhappy with her appearance so she did something about it and the differences are quite remarkable.

5. She has had work done

Cathy does not try to hide the fact that she has put in years of work transforming her body shape and her appearance. While some women deny having cosmetic work done, she is very upfront about it. Evans got fit in the gym and sculpted the parts of her body that she was not happy with. She also had a breast enhancement and facial injections to get the look that she wanted. She is happy with her appearance now, but it has taken her a while to accomplish it. The fact that she is so open about it shows that she has a healthy level of self-confidence.

6. She is an Influencer

Prior to joining the cast of the reality television series “Married At First Sight Australia,” Cathy Evans became a beauty influencer on YouTube and Instagram. She had chronicled her body transformation throughout the years in detail. In addition to this, she is also fond of spray tanning and other beauty techniques to get the look that makes you feel good about yourself. She became a very popular beauty influencer on both of the social media sites.

7. She’s also a body-builder

Cathy Evans used exercise and workouts to achieve her sculpted and curvaceous body shape. She got into bodybuilding but it wasn’t just a hobby for her. She entered the world of bikini bodybuilding contests in 2014. She became so involved that she entered the competition circuit after she developed a muscular and lean physique.

8. Evans had a weight relapse

After Cathy stopped competing in bodybuilding contests, she ran into some issues. There is a phenomenon that is called rebound weight gain. Evans wasn’t working out as much and she began to experience hormonal problems along with living a less healthy lifestyle. She started to develop cellulite on her derriere, her arms, and her legs. She admitted that she had become so large that the upper parts of her legs rubbed together and caused chafing when she walked. This was disturbing to her so she made the decision to get healthy again and to change her lifestyle.

9. She had an acne problem

Cathy also shared the fact that she had some skin problems along with being overweight. This is a problem that many men and women experience. Hormonal imbalances in her body triggered breakouts of acne over her back and shoulders. There were a lot of negative things going on for her at this point in her life. When she adopted a healthy lifestyle and lost weight, her hormones leveled out and her skin cleared up, but it didn’t happen overnight and it was a process that took several years to complete. Cathy feels much better physically and emotionally since she decided to live a healthier life, and she enjoys sharing her journey with others.

10. Cathy was verbally attacked by Josh’s mom

Evans had to endure a load of insults and nastiness from her ex-husband’s mother. This drama unfolded over social media as the mom-in-law accused her of being the “actress from hell,” along with other insinuations that were less than kind. To Cathy’s credit, she took the higher road and didn’t lower herself to the level of name-calling and insult hurling. She seemed to take this all in stride, and in the end, the barrage just made the ex-mother-in-law look bad to viewers. Josh defended his mum and said that the producer’s editing skewed the facts to make Cathy look like the victim.

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