Castle 3.20 “Slice of Death” Review

Castle 3.20 “Slice of Death” Review

Castle 3.20 “Slice of Death” Review

Is it just me or did ‘Slice of Death’feel like it would never end? You know I love Castle, but this episode just didn’t do it for me. The hour completely dragged and — while it wasn’t all bad — it sure wasn’t Castle‘s finest hour. The case this week revolved around the pizza wars in New York and Castle and Beckett dive into this world of pizza competition when a reporter is found dead (and baked) inside an oven at one of the Authentic Terrific Nick’s or whichever that one was. I have seen the episode twice and I still can’t tell them apart.

What really stood out for me in this episode, though, was Alexis’storyline. I just love that they’re giving her more screen time and plots that are actually teenage appropriate. It’s great that The Powers That Be are showing Castle’s home life more and especially his relationship with his daughter. It’s very reminiscent of season 1 and early season 2 and I had really missed that aspect of the show.

It is also great that — while they are not the masters of continuity — TPTB are actually being consistent with the growing friendship between Beckett and Castle. It feels like he literally tells her everything and is seeking her advice more and more now. That was perfectly illustrated by him quoting her when he was talking to Alexis about how she is going to have to deal with mean girls her whole life.

Other than that, ‘Slice of Death’was really a filler episode and, aside from showing some love for Alexis, didn’t do much for me. Except making me crave some pizza.

Next week looks great, though. Can’t wait to see Brendan Hines bring out Castle’s jealous side. Check out an interview with Nathan Fillion and a preview of the episode ‘The Dead Pool’below.

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