Castle 3.18 “One Life To Lose” Review

Castle 3.18 “One Life To Lose” Review

Castle 3.18 “One Life To Lose” ReviewI am not sure if you guys are aware of this, but I am not American. Therefore, I have never watched an American soap opera in my life. I have watched, however, the telenovelas that Esposito mentioned and that little tidbit he told Castle about is exactly how the plots usually were when I watched them as a kid. So, even though I am not entirely familiar with American soap operas, I could definitely appreciate all the jokes about it because, well, I have probably seen even more outlandish storylines.

That said, I have to say that ‘One Life To Lose’was a true gem in this third season. It reminded me a little of ‘Nikki Heat’in the sense that it was just as funny. We didn’t have a whole lot of character development — unless you count that sweet moment between Castle and Beckett that Motorcycle Boy interrupted (again!) — but it was just such a fun episode to watch that that hardly mattered to me.

Martha was a joy to watch from the very first scene she was on until the end of the episode when Castle catches her about to start making out with her former co-star. They really should give Susan Sullivan more screen time because she is just stellar. I particularly loved the scene in which she rattles off all the bad things that had happened to her character in Temptation Lane in the time span of three weeks.

One of my favorite things about this episode, however, was finding out that Beckett is a fangirl. Sure we all had our suspicions, but to have it confirmed that she is even versed in all things fandom was ridiculously cool. I also loved that they acknowledged the fans — and the shippers — and actually showed how they can be very passionate about their favorite show.

Castle 3.18 “One Life To Lose” ReviewThe shippers in particular are the most passionate of the bunch. I don’t know if you guys are familiar with the term shipper war, but sometimes that’s exactly what happens in a fandom. The way that they wrote the obsessed shipper was in no way off the mark. I know they used a stereotype there, so maybe some people might not too happy about that, but that kind of behavior? Spot on.

If any of you are Lost fans, you probably remember the insanity that was the shipper war between the Skaters and the Jaters in that fandom. The obsession they presented with FoxCannLover was probably a tiny little version of what actually goes on in message boards all over the internet. Yes, the hardcore fans are that obsessed.

And it is so ironic that they address this issue right after the episode that completely divided the Castle fandom. When ‘Countdown’aired a couple of weeks ago, Caskett shippers all over the globe were screaming bloody murder about The Powers That Be bringing Josh back into the picture when things between Kate and Castle were going so well. I admit even I was ticked off that they did that (hey, I am a fan too, you know), but the insurgent of backlash all over the fandom was gigantic. I heard people saying they were going to quit watching the show because of it; that’s how passionate shippers can be.

Castle 3.18 “One Life To Lose” ReviewI really hope that ‘One Life To Lose’has reinstated your faith in the show, though, because it truly was a great episode. It was a nice departure from those intense episodes we have had since ‘Knockdown’and it put things back on track. They even remedied (well, sort of) this nitpick I have with the show about continuity. Of course they didn’t make a big deal out of it, but they found a way to remind the audience that Kate is still with Josh. Not a total fix (they neglected to mention anything about those intense moments in the past three episodes), but at least it was something.

What was also great to see, though, was that when the phone rang — interrupting a total moment between Beckett and Castle; I love that she is so comfortable around him now — she hesitated to answer. Not only that, but she only answered it after Castle said he would leave her to it. He is being such a big boy about this and is actually giving her space.

This is progress, guys. Have faith.




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