Castle 3.02 “He’s Dead, She’s Dead” Recap

Castle 3.02 “He’s Dead, She’s Dead” Recap

Castle 3.02 “He’s Dead, She’s Dead” RecapCastle is obviously beyond himself with excitement that a psychic had predicted her own murder, but Kate is still skeptical and thinks the killer wrote the letter to throw them off. They go see Lanie and the medical examiner tells them that the time of death was between 5pm and 7pm, which ruled out Albert Moreno. Lanie also tells them that Vivian was holding her cell phone and had tried to dial the numbers 171855, which matched the beginning of her daughter’s phone number. Castle realizes those are the same numbers from the letter, but Beckett is still not convinced. They meet Esposito on the way back to the bullpen and he says that they couldn’t find any prints or DNA on the letter and that Penny had said it was possible that her mom didn’t sign the letter for fear of her prediction being wrong. Esposito also tells them that the mail was picked up at 6pm every day, which gave the killer just enough time to kill Vivian, write the letter and mail it.

Ryan calls out to them and says he has found something. The first guy that Vivian had helped convict, Steve Adams, had been in jail for seven years, but had recently been released on parole and he also had to wear a tracking device at all times. And just where had he been on the afternoon of Vivian’s death, but at her address?

They bring him in and he says he’s innocent. He never killed his wife as Vivian had said. He was cheating on her just like the psychic had said, but Vivian had seen them at a bar and not had a vision like she told the police. So right after he was released, a reality TV producer contacted him and said he could help him clear his name. He produced a show called ‘You’ve ruined my life’, which basically puts two people who have disputes with each other face to face and have them sort it out. That’s what they were doing at Vivian’s address. He was going to confront her in front of the cameras, but she freaked out and left on a cab and he never saw her again.

Later that day, Martha goes to Richard’s apartment and she is devastated. Chet is dead. Apparently he had a stroke in his sleep and never woke up and now she feels crazy guilty because she was going to break the man’s heart and now he is dead. Richard comforts her and it’s really sweet. I felt so bad for her.

Castle 3.02 “He’s Dead, She’s Dead” RecapThe next day, Penny returns to the precinct and insists that she needs to talk to Beckett. She says that she also has a bit of the gift and she had a dream about the detective the night before and she feels very strongly that she needs to tell her the name Alexander. Kate says she doesn’t know any Alexander, but Penny says that he will be very important and might even save her life in a near future.

Still a little confused by Penny’s prediction, Beckett interrogates the TV producer and he tells them that after he dropped Steve Adams at his apartment, Vivian contacted him and said she could give him a killer and to be ready to meet her at a moment’s notice. She called him a little bit later and said to get the team ready, but when he called her back after that, she never answered because she was probably already dead.

Meanwhile, the team has gotten their hands on the footage that was recorded when Vivian left her apartment and, after getting a partial on the cab’s license, they find out where she went that afternoon. The doorman of the building she went to remembers she went to apartment 2C, where Nick and Toni Johnston live. They quickly realize that that is the same TJ that was on Vivian’s calendar for that day scheduled at 3pm.

Castle and Beckett go see Toni Johnston and on the way she asks why it is so important to him that she believes in fate and all the other things. He says that it’s because if you don’t believe not even in the possibility of magic, you’ll never find it. Toni Johnston interrupts them and freaks out when she realizes it’s the police. She starts babbling about Vivian and how she had seen what happened in the paper and Beckett asks why the psychic had gone to her. She eventually says that Vivian knew she was having an affair with her husband’s boss Emilio Cassias. She had said so many things to Toni, personal things about her life, that Toni had no choice, but to believe her.

With that new fact, they go back to Lanie who has already checked Emilio Cassias’autopsy report and said that there was a substance present in his system that indicated the use of selenium, which is a mineral naturally found in the human body and in small amounts is good for you. However, if it’s in big doses it can be poisonous. Which means that Emilio was probably murdered. Selenium is found in health drinks and diet pills and vitamins, which Emilio’s company just happened to produce.

That discovery points to Toni Johnston’s husband Nick so they bring him in. He says that he knew about the affair and confronted Emilio about it, but his boss said he was in love and was not going to back off. Nick said he even threatened to tell his wife, but Emilio couldn’t care less. Nick decided not to do anything and just try to save his marriage. Then Vivian contacted him and said she needed to talk to him about something concerning his wife and that it was urgent. So he left work earlier and went to her office, but she never answered the door.

Ryan interrupts the interrogation and says that Penny is there and needs to talk to them right away. She says that she had a dream that her mother said to talk to the masons to get closure. Beckett thinks it’s bull, but when they found out that Vivian’s last clients Paula and Marina Cassias had been to a restaurant right around the corner from the psychic’s office called The Masons that same afternoon, Castle insisted that she give it at least a try.

Turns out that Emilio Cassias’wife had been the one who killed him after she found out about his affair with Toni Johnston. When she realized Vivian knew too much, she had to kill her too. So she left the restaurant with the excuse to buy a bottle of wine and went to Vivian’s office to kill her.

Castle 3.02 “He’s Dead, She’s Dead” RecapAfter all was said and done, Castle still believed that Vivian Marchand had predicted her own murder and even presented very plausible arguments. When he was about to leave, he asked what was it about Alexander that Penny was talking about. Kate says it was silly and it didn’t make any sense and Castle says it’s weird because his middle name is Alexander. His given name is Richard Alexander Rogers and not Richard Edgar Castle as he introduces himself.

Beckett is more than a little shocked at what this could possibly mean and she definitely still has major feelings for him. She even smiles a lot more now. But sadly, Richard is still seeing his ex-wife and publisher Gina.

Oh well…

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