Captain Marvel Fans Demand Brie Larson Get Replaced by Gay Woman of Color

Captain Marvel

Hopefully this made some people laugh since the hypocrisy of it all is becoming kind of funny.  However, it’s easy to think that a lot of people don’t consider this a laughing matter since diversity has really sunk its claws into show business and isn’t about to let up. It’s almost comical that Brie Larson has had to deal with the comments and heated arguments that came with her taking on the mantle of Captain Marvel, a title that was held by the fictional character of Monica Rambeau in the comics after Mar-Vell, now only to have to endure the comments that are now coming from those who are wanting her to prove that she’s not all talk and can walk the walk. If anyone’s keeping count, a lot of people have relented and gone on to state that Captain Marvel was in fact a decent action movie, but the ‘girl power’ feel of it did detract just a bit since otherwise it would have been a completely solid story about a woman that had been underestimated her entire life and was finally taking her fate into her own hands in one of the most spectacular ways. But as of now there’s actually a petition that is asking Brie to stand down and allow a gay woman of color to take on the role, and per Kevin Burwick of MovieWeb it reads like this:

“We need Brie Larson to step down from her role to prove she is an ally of social justice and ensure a gay woman of color plays the role. Let Monica, the original female & BLACK Captain Marvel instead of white-washing characters for the benefit of the straight, white men running Disney.”

So really, it doesn’t matter that Brie was perfect for the role at the time and ‘struck a blow’ for women on the big screen and in the supposed boys club that is the MCU, but now she apparently needs to heed the call of her LGBTQ+ supporters and take the marching orders they’re trying to foist up on her. One has to wonder who’s paying Brie’s salary and why those pushing this petition would think that anyone would stand aside from the possibility of playing such an iconic role simply because a group of fans got together and decided that a woman was good enough the first time, but now it’s time to go even further with it and continue to push the sjw agenda. Sure, why not? Brie can miss out on a hefty paycheck and a continued chance to help change the MCU, right? Yes, the sarcasm is bound to run thick and quick on this issue, especially considering that it’s yet another attempt to simply give someone else a chance that they may or may not have earned. Like it or not, like HER or not, Brie Larson has stepped into a role that was lambasted by some and embraced by others and she managed to nail it in the eyes of many. Asking her to step down now just to give the next person a chance might sound reasonable to some folks but to others it sounds a little suspect.

If one really wants to get technical and talk about characters that have been altered or ‘washed’ in any way then why stop with Captain Marvel? Nick Fury didn’t start out as a black man in the comics, the Human Torch was a white man, MJ was a white woman, Baron Mordo, Electro, Catwoman, Valkyrie, Heimdall, and many more were a different race when they first started out, but people didn’t always throw a fit when they were switched in the movies. Charles Dean of CBR has more to offer on this matter. Oh yes, because they were white they needed to be switched to be diversified, which means it’s okay, right? But the moment a white person is brought in to fill in a role that was, in the source material, originally covered by a person of color, people lose their ever-loving minds. It’s a matter of hypocrisy that knows no bounds at this moment, especially given that Brie Larson was celebrated upon first taking the role of Captain Marvel. The fact that those that created the petition are willing to dump her at the side of the road for someone else at this point isn’t really surprising, nor is it bound to be what Disney stands for since it would appear that Larson is still very much attached to the project and it’s moving forward as we speak. So sorry petitioners, but while your voices are being heard, the effort of trying to make people dance to your tune isn’t quite working, much as it shouldn’t since when speaking of who deserves the role and who has earned it, at this point it’s very easy to say that Brie Larson has in fact done her part and more. Whether she decides to be a ‘true ally’ or not is up to her, but the hope is that she’ll keep the role and possibly mentor the next Captain Marvel rather than just step aside and do as others wish.

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