The Five Best Brie Larson Movies of Her Career

The Five Best Brie Larson Movies of Her Career

The Five Best Brie Larson Movies of Her Career

As of right now it feels like Brie Larson is a pretty face in Hollywood that even after an Oscar win, has a good deal of talent that still remains untapped. She is one of the up and coming stars that seems poised to really make a break into something that might rocket her career into the next level but until her next movie comes out everyone’s likely going to be taking to the old rumor mill to churn as much gossip as can possibly be manufactured in a few months’ time. The long and short of it is, she is a pretty face. She’s a very attractive young woman that has managed to land a few very good roles during her career and has not so much wowed people as she’s impressed them just enough in order to keep building her reputation. But there’s greatness there, and while we’re waiting to see it all indications seem to be that it could take one stellar role and then there will be no doubt just how elite she really is.

Here are some of her best movies so far.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Admittedly she doesn’t have a huge role in this film but it is ingrained enough in Scott’s story that she gets to make an appearance and have a few lines. As his ex she’s kind of a witch with a capital B for much of their interaction, but she does the part well since so much of the movie is overplayed and over the top that her ability to make this character one of the worst women you could ever meet is very successful. Honestly when an actor can make you actually hate them then it means they’re doing their job and have succeeded. So yes, she is talented and she does her job well, which is why it’s easy to say that she could very well be great.


When you’re kept in a room for long enough the world outside starts to feel less and less real as time goes on. When Joy and Jack are finally taken out of the room however they find it difficult to cope with a life they never knew about and increasingly hard to keep it together. But thanks to Jack and his unwillingness to let his mother just self-destruct the two of them manage to find a life outside of the room with the family they were separated from and in a world that readily accepts them as they are. This story is horrific in the sense that keeping anyone from the wider world and forcing them to remain in one location without reprieve seems like something only the most sadistic of minds would come up with. Oh and P.S. she won an Oscar for this.

Kong: Skull Island

People seem to be conflicted when it comes to this story since the telling of King Kong is an older story that has gone through its fair share of evolution in an attempt to bring it into the modern era. Brie’s part in this is persistent but not exactly important until various scenes when she’s kind of the focus and more or less the person that becomes the heroine and then the damsel in distress. She does kind of bounce back and forth across that line during this movie but she does it in a way that doesn’t so much leave her appearing helpless as it goes to show that she’s tough but not invulnerable.

Captain Marvel

The only reason this gets the second slot is because it hasn’t been released yet and as a rule there’s no telling just how it’s really going to be received. A lot of people might argue that it should be number one just because it’s one of the most anticipated films featuring a female lead to date, but at the same time we’ve all jumped on the bandwagon once or twice in our lives concerning movies and then been disappointed when they came out, especially since the trailers tend to give away some of the best parts. But there are high hopes that Captain Marvel will be one among several new movies featuring female leads that will come out and be spectacular in the coming years.

21 Jump Street

She wasn’t so much innocent in this movie as she was kind of just there and unaware of what was going on around her. She acted like a rather typical high school girl in this day and age in that her attitudes weren’t so over the top and yet she did manage to give that carefree look and swagger that meant she was comfortable enough with the world around her and her place in it. It’s hard to really nail the high school experience since it encapsulates so much considering all the changes that are going on in a person’s body and their mindset can change from year to year, if not month to month.

Brie Larson has a spark of greatness to her, it just needs to be fanned into a full flame.Brie Larson

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